It’s true; come July 1st, Google will, by default, use its mobile Googlebot to index all the new sites that come online. This move will help ensure that the users’ needs are placed at the forefront. Besides, Mobile-First indexing is something that Google has already been doing with over half of the search results anyway.

Want to Find Out Whether Your Site is Being Indexed by the Mobile Bot?

Chances are, if your site is responsive and mobile-friendly, then it is already being indexed using the mobile bot and you have nothing to worry about. However, if you still want to check whether your site is being indexed using Mobile-First indexing, then it is fairly easy to do so.

Normally, you will receive an email notifying you that your site has been migrated. In case you missed the mail, you can check using Google’s URL Inspection Tool. All you have to do is add your homepage URL in the top search bar in Google Search Console account and hit enter.

The page that comes next will show you whether the site is being indexed using Google smartphone bot.

If while using the tool you are unable to understand the results you get, go through Google’s URL Inspection Tool guide that offers details on all the different types of results one can get.


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Coding errors can pop up anytime and Google is all set to make it easier for us to realize when we have one on our hands. In an effort to offer more transparency on how our structured data is actually performing, Google has added three new reports to its Search Console. These new reports are as follows:

  1. Logo Enhancement Report – If you are using Logo Markup, this report will provide you with details pertaining to the performance and/or errors around your Logo Markup.


  1. Sitelinks Seachbox Enhancement Report – This report has been put in place to provide you with insight into the performance and/or errors around your SearchAction Markup.


  1. Unparsable Structured Data Report – This error report has been designed to enable you to analyze and resolve issues around markup codes that fail to pass Google’s testing.

As long as your site has these specific markups, you will be able to find these reports listed under the Enhancements tab in Search Console.


Why we need these reports?


It is fairly common for an error to pop up even after you run a new code through Google’s Structured Testing Tool. These new reports give you a comprehensive breakdown of when Google first discovered the error, the pages with the error and even what the error looks like.

However, while you are trying to see whether you have been able to successfully troubleshoot the markup coding issues in your site, you need to bear in mind that the reports take time to update. It can take around a week or more for the updated page code to reflect on the reports even after you Validate a Fix.


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Area 120, Google’s experimental products group, introduces a new call automation service – CallJoy.

A cloud-based phone agent, CallJoy will help local businesses improve, measure and automate their customer service.

Take a look at Google’s promotional video explaining the benefits of their new service.

Here’s a breakdown of how it will work…

  • Post a quick setup, you will receive a local phone number.


  • CallJoy will immediately filter calls that matter and start blocking unwanted spam calls.


  • An automated agent will answer calls that matter the most, greet the callers with a custom message and provide basic information related to your business, like days of operation, services available, etc.


  • If the customer would like to place an online order or book an appointment, the virtual agent will send him/her an SMS containing the URL for the concerned task.


  • The calls will be recorded and transcribed for quality purposes regardless of whether the callers interact directly with you or speak to the CallJoy agent.

These features will make it easier for business owners to tag and search each conversation based on the topic. For instance, a restaurant owner is most likely to search how many times a day callers placed orders for a particular dish.

CallJoy also compiles your data in an online dashboard and mails you a daily update including metrics like volume, new vs returning callers, etc.

At an economical fee of $39/per month, CallJoy promises to deliver customer services for small businesses that were previously available only to larger corporations.


Final Takeaway


Although it has been noted by many local search experts that Google isn’t that great with automation so far, if you wish to test the system? Sign up for early access here.


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A new Automated Ads tool was announced by Facebook recently. The social networking site claims it to be of great help in creating result driven ads.

The Tool Will Have Following Features:

  • Suggestions to create up to 6 different versions of your ad.
    • Call-to-action buttons
    • Text
    • Other creative details

(Facebook will show the best-performing version, once the ad is active)


  • Tailored audience recommendations based on the information available on your page.


  • Budget recommendations that are likely to generate results as per your goals.

(Your own budget can also be shared to determine the estimated results)


Receive timely notifications to help you understand how your ads are performing and how you can improve them.

Additionally, Facebook has expanded its free business tools to allow appointment booking and managing.

You can also find 3 new features added to their video editing tools…

  • Automatic Cropping
  • Video Trimming
  • Image & Text Overlays

Have a look at the announcement page that provides complete details and video guides on how these tools can be used.


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Close your eyes for a moment.

Can you remember the last time you didn’t read a blog?

These short writings have forever changed the way businesses interact virtually with their customers.

For decades people had to visit or call a physical location to see a product, schedule services, or to speak with a customer service associate. Today, however, that etiquette has changed. No longer do people need to leave their home, much less get out of bed to perform these tasks.

Writing blogsIn our present day digital world, a blog marketing your product is powerful. Not only will it reach thousands of people within minutes, but you are in control of the content. Plug in your own information, add clear crisp images, and let your content do the rest.

Through our research we’ve found that the more blogs your website has, the more people will want to visit and stay on your page. Think of hanging around the candy store – eventually you’re going to want some. We’ve also found that blogs that go viral really don’t help you. Sure, you can rack up several thousand ‘likes’ in a day, but without the ROI (return on investment) viral blogs don’t help.

Remember when we mentioned the more blogs you have, the better? Well, people will begin to see you as the expert voice within the industry. They’ll keep coming back to your website as the go to place of information and they’ll provide the word of mouth for you.

Blogging is one of the most effective tools in SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Do not underestimate the power of blogging. When used properly, it can increase traffic to your website, which will then increase the sales and profit for your business. Here are the top 6 reasons you, as a business owner, should start blogging:

  1. Every online business owner wants to create traffic to his/her website and this is what SEO is about. You cannot expect to earn any profit if no one visits your website or even knows about the existence of your company. A blog is not just effective in generating leads or traffic but also helps retain it. If you always provide quality and useful information in your blog, people will keep coming to your blog. Many people use the internet for research and if you provide them with the information they are looking for, your blog turns into a reliable source of information. The blog can also be used as an avenue for you to gain information about your clients’ wants and needs. Through the comments section and surveys, you can gain valuable information on your target audience that you can use in the future.
  2. Valuable and informative content is also very effective in attracting links from other websites. These links are very useful as they help bring in visitors that could become your future clients as well.
  3. Links do not only generate leads but they also make your page SEO-friendly. The problem with most traditional websites is that they are often difficult to link. It can be because of their structure, the complex URLs or perhaps because of the software used to build the website. Blogs are different and are better than traditional websites in this aspect. It is easier for other websites to link to blogs. And by making your website linkable, you will also have a better chance of getting higher rankings in search engines.
  4. Blogs are effective in building trust between you and your clients. If you provide them with high quality and relevant information, it is easier for people to trust your website. By building trust, sales and profit will then follow.
  5. Blogs also help create a stronger and better brand for your website. As people begin to trust your website, your reputation will start to grow online. People will then start to spread the word about your website and you know how effective word-of-mouth advertising can be.
  6. If you add up all the benefits mentioned above, it will translate to an increase in sales and profits.

Considering the significance of blogs in SEO, every online business owner should therefore make it their priority to create quality content for their blogs.

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If you’ve been in the SEO space for quite some time, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when Google announces an algorithm change. Google is known to make tweaks to their algorithm several times a month. According to Google’s spokesperson Matt Cutts in this video, they tend to make an algorithm tweak at least once a day. Although the daily changes could be minor tweaks, they’re known to roll our major changes every now and then. Over the past weekend, in what was seen as a major victory for Hollywood, Google announced that they are going to rank down websites that are repeat copyright offenders.

This may not seem to matter to you but there are some other changes that was highlighted by searchengineland, a search engine news site. Among the updates that are mentioned in the article were: Site Clustering, Page Quality, Sitelinks changes and other items. Those are things that’s pertaining to your website and you need to be aware of those if you’re into optimizing your website. Check out the article here:

After seeing a nice little infographic I thought I would post on our blog about how Social Media and how companies may not see the Return on Investment to be that vast from it. It is very important from an avid Social Media user for feedback directly from a company when I need something answered.

To put it in perspective the study done for the infographic said that there are 2 Billion people online, 85% of those customers expect businesses to be active in social media. Why, do you ask? Well like it or not most of your customers daily lives are spent on Social Media websites on the computer or mobile device. Word of mouth is a company’s strongest form of advertising; now with all of the Social Media portals you could say it is “word of mouse”.

Now that you are thinking about embracing Social Media, show that you’re human. 80% of businesses are NOT passionate about their Social Media image. The more people feel that they know you and like you, the more you will succeed. You do not want to be a robot all the time on your Social Media accounts, this will drive people away and show that you are not interested in what their opinions are and what they have to say. You must show how much you love your business and your customers for them to pay attention to your Social Media accounts. The study also showed that 68% of email subscribers & Twitter followers are likely to buy. 51% Facebook fans are likely to buy. With that type of information, wouldn’t you want to engage and encourage the purchase of your products to your Social Media followers? That just seems like too good of a statistic to just overlook.

Return on Investment (ROI) is a big concern for most companies, especially for small businesses. For small businesses or startups this is where you need to pay attention. Look at Social Media as another way of chatting with customers, answering the phone and meeting customers who would come into your store. Can you really afford not to communicate with your customers?

Another big thing is Blogging. Most of you are probably wondering why I’m talking about something that has been around forever. This is very key point, according to the study, 55% more web visitors and 67% more leads for businesses that blog. This is very transparent look into your company and what a typical day is like at your business. I myself have found this very stimulating to read about what others are doing at their job. You seem to get a sense of feel of how much love and care they are putting into their business. Also look at it from a standpoint of this is giving your potential customer to learn more about you and the company without a PR Release or News item. They now have an actual human voice that is representing your company.

Here are some great Statistics from the Study that everyone should pay attention to and the questions that follow the statistics:

  • Las Vegas Social Media Marketing30% of customer questions & compliments get no reply
    Would you NOT answer the phone 30% of the time?
  • 77% of customers read brand posts, but don’t comment.
    17% comment & share experiences.
    13% post about your brand.
    Do you inspire interactive or just push sales?
  • 71% of complaints on Twitter are NOT responded to.
    Negative reviews don’t kill brands. Not replying or inappropriate responses can.
    Do you use social media to convert angry complaints into happy customers?
    Of the 29% that were contacted, 83% liked they got a response & were satisfied with it.

Now that we have gone over some basics about running your Social Media campaign and gave you some statistics to back it up, you should be out there making a plan to build your social media portfolio. Don’t just tweet, post and blog because everyone else is doing it, invest the time and love into it to make it grow. And one thing you must not do is count likes and followers. The only number you should be really concerned about is the amount of interactions that you have with your customers. That is the most important statistic around.