In recent years website design has taken on a whole new meaning with the creation of what is know as responsive web design. The concept if fairly simple in thought, but it is far reaching in the scope of what it can offer both the website and the visitors who frequent it. In simple terms responsive web design is where a website will adapt and resize itself to the user’s screen so that it fits it best. Say if a person were to visit a site with a smartphone the website would according resize the page to the size of the phone’s screen, reorganizing the way the visitor sees the page so that it is better to view.

Responsive Web Design: Why is It Important?

Website design is able about presenting a quality site that appeals to the visitor in a pleasing way, but as more and more devices are used to view website’s today that appeal becomes disjointed if the site is unable to conform to the devices screen. That is where responsive website design comes in and in the article “Why Responsive Web Design is Good for SEO?” you can find out more about why it responsive web design is so valuable.