Search engine optimization is a driving force of the business and internet world and has been for decades. Since the mid 1990s when webmasters began optimizing content for search engines, SEO has not only defined the internet, but made it easier to navigate. However, in recent years search engine optimizing has joined forces with another, younger, internet force… social media. Social media is still relatively in its infancy, but in today’s world visiting social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google + are a daily (or hourly) pastime for roughly 65% of internet users.

The Correlation Between Search Engine Optimization & Social Media

Because more than half of internet users use social media in their daily lives search engine optimization has been affected by the sheer mass of information being passed along and by the ways in which information is exchanged that has come about due to social networking. SEO is in the most simplest of terms optimization of web content so that it is better found by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Because of this fact social media plays a direct affect on how content is not only optimized, but how it is found as well.

How is Search Engine Optimization Being Affected by Social Media?

For businesses and individuals alike SEO is something that is vital in the use of the internet. You may not know it, but search engine optimizing is the unseen force that helps bring content to you from every corner online and in recent years social media has begun to help that happen. In the article “How Social Media is Changing the SEO Industry” the ways in which social media has changed SEO are discussed. It is clear that as the internet progresses search engine optimization and social media are going to be seen hand in hand.