Top 5 Things to Look for When Hiring An SEO Firm

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves increasing the quality of your website visitors which in turn increases your rankings in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO is one of the most important elements of your digital marketing strategy. It involves on-page SEO including keyword research and analysis, content relevance and individual webpage optimization as well as off-page SEO including link-building, content marketing and social media. Such activities can bring better quality visitors to your website who are more likely to convert. It will also result in a higher search engine ranking. When someone searches for a keyword in a search engine, they are most likely to choose one of the top organic results on the first page of results. Therefore, it is extremely important for your website to rank highly in order to achieve its maximum potential.

Google Panda and Penguin Algorithm Updates

Google updates its algorithms about 500 times a year. The latest major update – penguin is targeted at web spam. It will punish sites that it believes are violating Googles existing guidelines for quality. For those sites that use black hat SEO practices, they will face a severe penalty if caught.



On the other end of the scale, Google has updated its Panda algorithm again which inflicts site wide penalties. Panda targets sites that aren’t really spammy, but are of inferior quality in their eyes. It’s designed to decrease the rankings for already low quality sites, sites that upload duplicated content, or sites that don’t provide much value for readers. It will increase rankings though for those sites that have original content and good information.

Basically Google wants to increase rankings for the websites that provide decent content, and severely penalize those that try to use black hat techniques to manipulate the SERPs.

SEO really can be a full time job, especially if you want to get it right. Therefore, it can often be easier to leave it to the experts, and they are many of them out there! How do we know how to choose the best SEO firm? There are 5 top things to look for really:


Ask to see previous case studies and testimonials from real life clients so as the company can prove their ability to successfully boost the SEO rankings for a client. Look for definite facts and figures e.g. screen shots of search ranking position over time, 5% increases in revenue and website visitors.


Do they have knowledge of your particular industry? Have they worked with companies who sell similar products or services to yours? If an SEO firm is to be creating content and sourcing quality back-links on your behalf, they need to have some knowledge of your business. For example, there are certain SEO companies who may deal exclusively with those in the production industry. They may deal with several different niches but have knowledge of the generic industry.


Will the SEO firm ensure to communicate all SEO actions? How will they do so – monthly report, weekly meetings? Communication is a key element to ensuring your SEO strategy is being implemented exactly how you want it and as was agreed. Should something topical occur in the news which relates to your business, how are you required to go through this with your account manager? Always ensure to agree to a schedule of meetings or reports that suits your requirements before signing on the dotted line.


Ask the SEO firm to outline exactly what they believe they can do for you. Perhaps have them perform an SEO audit before contracting into any continuous work. Where do they believe your weak spots are and what can they do to improve them? Do they require any additional work from you to achieve higher SEO rankings? Ensure to not only hear what generic SEO services the company offers, but how they can apply these services to boost your business.


How do the SEO firm operate their fees? Some may opt for a basic rate plus performance bonuses once they achieve particular goals. Other may opt for a flat monthly fee regardless. It is important to ensure that the payment schedule suits you and forms a performance initiative for the SEO firm.

In today’s world small businesses need every advantage they can get and SEO provides that in spades. The internet world is filled with businesses of all types from small website design firms to large multinational financial institutions and a business has to utilize search engine optimization to be found. Whether your small business works with selling merchandise like electronics or offering services like legal help, it could benefit from the invaluable input of SEO into it’s website and web content.

What Does SEO Do?

Simply phrased, search engine optimization provides a clear and thorough path for customers to find your business online. It allows you to set up perimeters of how a person searching online can find your business and content and what they see when they get to it. SEO is both simple and complex, allowing a better way for small businesses to bring traffic to their website and consistently bring in revenue to shore up the business.

SEO and Why it’s Beneficial

The benefits of optimizing a website and it’s content may seem like it is pretty clear, but there are some hidden benefits that small business fail to realize. In the article “6 Ways SEO Benefits Small Business” you can find out what exactly your small business would gain through SEO.

SEO or search engine optimization and social media are like two sides of a coin; they need the other side to truly stand up and be complete. They can work apart, but in the modern age of social networking, online brand awareness and the social drive of the customer, SEO and social media marketing together are vital to the overall success of the advertising campaign bringing in profits and web traffic.

Gain a More Steady Customer Base with SEO & Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are constantly in a state of renewal, bringing in thousands of new users every day because social networking is king at the moment. That constant state of new potential customers and heavy regular use of current customers, allows a greater chance of brand awareness and return on investment for good SEO business practices. By incorporating search engine optimization with social marketing, a business is able to reach greater quantities of customers by offering up-to-date information that is carefully planned with SEO parameters in mind such as keyword tagging, meta title tagging, linking and more. Adding search engine optimization to social media platforms increases the chances of the information being seen by the right people and bringing ROI back to the business.

Blending the SEO & Social Media Together to Grow Exponentially

Search engine optimization and social media at times can seem like two entirely different options for a business to get ahead in the business world. However, they both play their part in creating a clear web presence for a business and, if done right, they do it in such as way as to play off of each other and create a whole new level of customer participation, profits and brand awareness. Search engine marketing and social media marketing are two things that a business must invest in today and in a way that allows them to work hand in hand. Without utilizing the two complimentary business marketing options of SEO and social media, a company isn’t using every avenue they have available to become a leading company in their section of the business world.

Local SEO for many businesses is still a little used business practice, rather businesses spend a great deal of time focusing on more broad term keywords and techniques that everybody is using. However, as search engines and search engine optimized content is geared more and more towards locality rather than basic keyword search results local search engine optimizing has become relevant to businesses now more than ever.

Why is Local SEO So Important?

People search everyday for things from local restaurants eat at to website design services, each search offering a chance for a business to draw a searcher to their site with carefully oriented search engine optimization. But, if another business utilizes local techniques such as using the keyword “SEO Chicago” instead of a plain “SEO” within their content, they are far more likely to be seen as relevant to not only the searcher, but the search engine that determines a business’ rank on a search page as well.

Why You Should Love Local SEO

Search Engine Watch recently posted a blog that talks about the value of utilizing local search engine optimization in the article “5 Reasons Small Business Should Love Local SEO.” Read the article and find out why is it so important to utilize local SEO content for your business.

SEO is oftentimes the driving force online, from e-commerce websites to social media pages and a search engine optimized business blog is just as vital to securing your place in the business industry. A business blog can be an independent project allowing you to offer your sage advice to the masses or a job related project that helps to give your company a positive marketing spin. However, to effectively make your business blog successful SEO must be incorporated throughout to draw in visitor traffic and keep them coming back for your stunning wit and knowledgeable advice.

A Business Blog in Relation to SEO

When it comes to search engine optimization, a business blog has a wealth of strategies to chose from to make it successful. From simplistic options like placing keywords with blog content to more involved strategies such as backlinks, SEO offers an unquestionable advantage to a business blogger who is able to marry optimization with interesting and knowledgeable content.

What Successful SEO Strategies are Out There? aimed to help business bloggers get a handle on the concept of utilizing search engine optimizing in the article “Five Effective SEO Strategies to Optimize Your Business Blog”. It offers insightful SEO strategies that will help to make your business blog one that is successful on multiple levels.

To use the right anchor text when you’re doing an internal linking or link building strategy will have a great effects on your rankings and organic traffic. Linkio is a tool that will give you the perfect anchor text percentage and usage to get over your competitors very quickly and gain quality organic traffic to your website.

Landing pages and SEO have had a long standing relationship since the birth of search engine optimization. The landing page is oftentimes one of the most viewed and most searched page, and if your landing page lacks the right optimization you could be missing out on a wealth of page/website traffic that you aren’t even aware of.

Using Your Landing Page & SEO to Tell a Story

Whether you realize it or not, your landing page is telling a story to those who visit and those who search for it. What that message is, is largely up to your or to those who ultimately design and implement the landing page design. With the use of SEO in the right way, landing pages become bright beacons that draw in targeted traffic and help them on their way to not only finding what they need, but helping your site to achieve the goal of increasing sales, lead generations and conveying the right message. Search engine optimization utilizes the concept of page ranking, keywords, backling, on-page modifications and so much more to help increase the success of not only that individual page, but the overall success of the website as well.

Tips to Help You Create a Truly SEO Optimized Landing Page

In the article “10 Killer SEO Landing Page Tips” you can learn about ten invaluable tips that can help your landing page’s page ranking and effectively create a solid search engine optimization strategy that helps your website increase revenue. Without a solid landing page that has SEO strategically used throughout it, your site just may not perform as optimally as it could be.

Outsourcing your SEO is something that every business using search engine optimization needs to consider whether they are a small local company or a big multinational conglomerate. The use of optimization to carefully optimize content is a way of ensuring that a business’ online content, whether it is product pages or advertisements, is ranked high on search engines and seen by specifically targeted audience. But, doing so it’s as easy as just including a few keywords… it takes talent and know-how. Without these two things search engine optimizing can quickly go from a benefit to a hindrance… so here are 4 reasons to outsource SEO.

SEO Requires Expert Knowledge and Specific Skills

The task of successfully coordinating an SEO strategy can be very similar to navigating a minefield… one wrong step and all of your efforts go up in a plume of smoke. Search engine optimization requires an expert knowledge and specific skill set of the intricacies of algorithms like Google’s Penguin & Panda, the current web trends, understanding of the use of keywords/meta tagging/backlinking and much more. It is a complicated dance that requires precise steps to make your efforts successful.

An Effective SEO Strategy Requires Dedication

What most people don’t understand is that SEO requires dedication for the present and long into the future to remain effective. Once a search engine optimization strategy has been put in place only half of the work is done… next comes a tireless campaign to keep fresh content continuously coming, drive traffic to you website, analyze results (then adjust the strategy accordingly), etc.

Outsourcing SEO Allows Your Business to Focus on What it Does Best

When your business started however many years ago it was you began with a singular purpose in mind whether it was offering quality clothing at reasonable prices or providing legal counsel to your customer base. You did so because you had a passion and a particular skill set that was centered on that purpose… however, incorporating SEO into your business structure takes away from that singular dedication and gobbles up the time of you and your employees that would be better suited towards furthering your businesses specific goals. SEO requires a seemingly endless amount of time consuming effort and if you get stuck in a cycle of putting more time and effort into your search engine optimization strategy you will be endangering the overall success of the business.

The demands of being a Chicago SEO agency requires we have a great deal of experience and skill in the optimization world, but for many businesses the task of optimizing their online content may not be as easily done as a company that uses search engine optimization as its bread and butter. Because one of our main goals is to offer search engine optimizing of content and high page ranking to our clients, our skills level and experience in what works and what doesn’t is high. Not every business out there has the same level of experience to know if they are making SEO mistakes without realizing it.

Chicago SEO: The Mistakes that can Cost You

If you’ve been in the online business world for even a little while you know that search engine optimization is vital to ensuring that a business’ online content is found by searchers and that not doing so can hurt your business’ success. However, it isn’t as well known that doing SEO in the wrong way can be just as detrimental. Our Chicago SEO tactics have been created in a way as to benefit the client while adhering to even the smallest of unwritten rules in the search engine world that can hinder a webpage’s high page ranking. Those without that deeper understanding of search engine content can quickly get lost in the mire of tactics and end up hindering the success of the SEO optimization because of little mistakes that may fly under the radar.

Chicago SEO: Find Out the 5 Biggest Search Engine Optimization Mistakes You Could be Making

In the article “Are You Making These 5 Basic SEO Mistakes?” you can get started in understanding the ways in which you are hurting your search engine optimizing efforts without even realizing it. As a Chicago SEO company we know that ensuring your content is found easily and in the right way can aid in the success of your business’ online efforts, so take a look and see if you are using these detrimental optimization mistakes.

The purpose of SEO is to help web content gain a high and visible ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing! and Yahoo, but for many B2B companies a large part of the overall search engine optimization strategies they employ are left with no visible ROI statistics to help gauge success. For those who have lived under a rock for the past few decades ROI is that overall return on investment that a company receives due to the efforts of marketing, advertising, SEO or other business strategies. It is the way that many companies gauge their successes and failures in individual strategies and either redevelop them or carry on as they were.

B2B’s and SEO Performance

For many B2B companies their efforts and overall successes can be largely unnoticed by the mainstream world. Because they solely do business with other businesses it can be difficult to not only market their products and services, but to gauge the successes of those efforts because they conduct their business without the public’s purview. Search engine optimization is one way that B2B businesses can help to bring their targeted audience towards certain web content without truly moving mountains to do it… however, not every SEO strategy works and that is where gauging ROI comes into play.

Ways to Gauge ROI SEO Successes for B2B Companies

In the article “5 Ways to Create Productive B2B SEO Benchmarks in a ‘Not Provided’ World”, you can learn about five useful ways to gauge search engine optimization successes without invaluable ROI statistics. Businesses doesn’t have to always conform to the set SEO standards of success, sometimes it has to conform to the business instead and with these tips you can make it happen.

Blogging is one of the most effective tools in SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Do not underestimate the power of blogging. When used properly, it can increase traffic to your website, which will then increase the sales and profit for your business. Here are the top 6 reasons you, as a business owner, should start blogging:

  1. Every online business owner wants to create traffic to his/her website and this is what SEO is about. You cannot expect to earn any profit if no one visits your website or even knows about the existence of your company. A blog is not just effective in generating leads or traffic but also helps retain it. If you always provide quality and useful information in your blog, people will keep coming to your blog. Many people use the internet for research and if you provide them with the information they are looking for, your blog turns into a reliable source of information. The blog can also be used as an avenue for you to gain information about your clients’ wants and needs. Through the comments section and surveys, you can gain valuable information on your target audience that you can use in the future.
  2. Valuable and informative content is also very effective in attracting links from other websites. These links are very useful as they help bring in visitors that could become your future clients as well.
  3. Links do not only generate leads but they also make your page SEO-friendly. The problem with most traditional websites is that they are often difficult to link. It can be because of their structure, the complex URLs or perhaps because of the software used to build the website. Blogs are different and are better than traditional websites in this aspect. It is easier for other websites to link to blogs. And by making your website linkable, you will also have a better chance of getting higher rankings in search engines.
  4. Blogs are effective in building trust between you and your clients. If you provide them with high quality and relevant information, it is easier for people to trust your website. By building trust, sales and profit will then follow.
  5. Blogs also help create a stronger and better brand for your website. As people begin to trust your website, your reputation will start to grow online. People will then start to spread the word about your website and you know how effective word-of-mouth advertising can be.
  6. If you add up all the benefits mentioned above, it will translate to an increase in sales and profits.

Considering the significance of blogs in SEO, every online business owner should therefore make it their priority to create quality content for their blogs.

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