There is a common misconception that a good website design is merely making a website look pretty, but that simply isn’t true. Website design covers both the external portion that customers base their judgment of the business on and the internal working of the website that makes it tick and run smoothly. A good website design melds the two perfectly to create a seamless and visually captivating website that runs as it should for visiting traffic. There are many reasons why a quality website design is vital to a business’ success, but we’ve put together the top four for you to get an understanding why it is so vital.

Convey Your Message Clearly with Website Design

Web design experts are able to customize the website to your business’ ideals, vision, goals and needs. By doing so, your business is better able to convey its message to your customers and create what is known as a USP (unique selling point.)

Website Design Helps Customers Get the Information They Need

A good web design seamlessly works the business’ vital info into the design of the website so that customers are able to get what they came for: information. Facts, statistics, infographics, visually captivating images, testimonials, product descriptions and more; one of the main focuses of website design is about giving the customer what they need when they need it.

Website Design Offer the Ability to Give “Calls to Action”

The third reason a good website design allows a business to succeed is by strategically placing “calls to action” throughout the web site. Calls to action are exactly what they sound like, they prompt the customer to do something whether it is visit a certain page, enroll in a free program, sign up for a newsletter or buy a product. By strategically placing these around the website a website designer can direct customer traffic to the places that increase revenue, spread the word about the business (i.e. “Liking” or Tweeting about a product or service with social media) and so forth.

Blend SEO Functions into the Website Design

Website designers today are able to do more than just create the site and make it look pretty; they are able to generate traffic to the website with SEO (search engine optimization) practices. SEO can help increase ranking on search engines by strategically placing meta tags, backlinks, keywords and more throughout the site to complete with other competitors in an SEO driven internet.


Sure, a small portion of web design is about making the website look visually pleasing, that’s what helps to keep the customer interested after all. However, it is also about ensuring that the site works as it should by helping to bring in traffic with SEO and social media as well as directing traffic to the pages on the site that helps the business succeed. Website design marries all of these aspects together to form a web site that is beneficial to the business’ overall growth and revenue.

Creating a modern web design is never as simple as you would expect. Sure, you could slap together a few ideas, keeping the overall design minimal, but giving it a modern and functional twist takes a little effort and skill. Website design or web development, is a big process that incorporates art, design, functionality and usability to achieve a goal that the business/website was created for. With incorporating those things a web site design will fail to be anything more than a passing site that few people see or easily use.

Modern Web Design: What is It?

When the term “modern” is attached to something whether it is interior design or electronic manufacturing, brings to mind simplistic lines, ease of use and an overall ideal of less is more. When it comes to modern web design those qualities are refined and distilled so that every aspect of a “modern” website design is created a site where beauty is seen and used in a simple, but elegant way. From minimalistic imagery to an overall “clean & sophisticated” look, modern web development is all about creating a website that goes the distance in being everything it needs to be without truly overdoing the design aspect.

Tips to Help You Create a Modern Web Design

In the article “5 Pillars of a Successful Modern Web Design” you can get useful tips on how to incorporate a modern website design into your overall site development. Sometimes just a handful of truly useful tricks and tips can help to make a web design successfully modern and successfully usable to those who visit the site.

Web design today can come in many different forms; from busy designs that have so much for the eye to look at to simpler website designs that use minimalism to truly and effectively convey a distinct message to the site user. Web development is something that has a certain “to each his/her own” quality to it, but sometimes the best websites use simplicity to be beautiful, functional and successful in equal turns.

Why a Simple Web Design May be Better?

A simple web design may be a better choice for you because it allows you and your site to effectively convey a message and direct users to certain areas that are the most crucial to your site. Without the busy designs that can confuse and mislead visitors, a website can successfully ensure that every visitor finds exactly what they need and sees exactly what you want them to see even if they only spend a few minutes/seconds on a specific page.

Learn Tips to Help Simplify Your Web Design

In the article “5 Tips To Simplify Your Web Design” you can learn the ways in which simplicity helps a website to succeed and how to implement them. Web design and a simplistic approach are just one way to design a site, but for the most part some of the most successful sites utilize these tips to succeed.

In the process of being a web design Chicago firm, we have been asked countless times how web design and website conversions go together. For the most part, many people see website design as more of an aesthetic process rather than a wholly inclusive process that helps to not only create a beautiful website, but make if functional and successful in its goals as well. They would be mistaken. When it comes web development the art of creating a web site is balancing what is outwardly beautiful with what is functional. A web site design is only as good as the behind the scenes processes that help to direct traffic to products, services and important information.

Web Design Chicago: Making Your Website More Successful with Increased Site Conversion

For a business website, site conversions are kind of like the Holy Grail… they are the stuff of legends and one of the main goals of any business website. Without a successful website design, the chances of having truly effect website conversion isn’t as likely. That is why quality web design Chicago agencies use effective ways of turning a site’s web site design into a sort of funnel that directs website users towards specific targets that help to make the sale. From “Call to Action” buttons to the overall layout of the webpages, increasing site conversion with web design can be very easy if you know what you are doing.

Web Design Chicago: Tips on How to Increase Site Conversion & Sales

Creating and maintaining a truly successful website is a process that is continually evolving , but some things like creating a great website design will always go hand-in-hand with site conversions. In the article “5 Simple Web Design Tips To Improve Site Conversions” you can get useful tips on how to turn your website into a site conversion machine. Whether you do the actual work yourself or get a web design Chicago company to help you make it happen, using the web development of your website to increase sales and customer conversion rates is within your grasp.

If you are a newly emerging business start-up you’re probably on the lookout for a web design Chicago agency to help you create a website for your business. This task can sometimes take a while as you sift through the many possible choices… but in the meantime you can begin the process of website design with a few essentials of web development.

Web Design Chicago: What are the Essentials of Website Design for Start-Ups?

The essentials really are the most important parts of website design or web development. What every web design Chicago company will tell you is that they are the key components of a web site designers varied process of website creation. From the standpoint of a business start-ups web design essentials are a little more focused on the actual creation and successful implementation of the Chicago website design.

Web Design Chicago:What Essentials Should Every Business Start-Up Implement?

If you are looking to implement a few web design Chicago essentials the article “Essential web design tips for start-ups” could help the process along. Whether your business is a small local start-up with only a handful of employees or a large web based international business, a web design Chicago agency like eBizUniverse can help you create a truly successful website design.

Color and contrast are two things that are largely a part of the “art” world, but when it comes to a web design Chicago firm we know that what works for the art world also works for the web development and design world. Contrast is basically the difference between colors to help the eye differentiate the various designs and colors that are in a piece of art… and in this case, helping the website visitor to identify certain parts of the webpage that will aid them in finding what they need and help the website business direct visitors to pages/areas where sales are made.

Web Design Chicago: The Advantage of Color Contrast in Website Design

In the we website design world color contrast helps to make the goals of a website much easier to achieve. Whether it is bringing a user’s eye to a “Call to Action” with a pop of color or helping a certain important bit of information been seen, contrast aids a website in creating a better user experience all around. Our web design Chicago firm utilizes color contrast to help bring the website to life, giving not only an appealing webpage to look at, but helping to achieve successful for the site and for the user. By doing so we help increase sales and conversion rates so that the business has a higher revenue and a far more successful presence on the internet.

Web Design Chicago: Understanding Why Color Contrast Matters

If you want to learn more about how color contrast aids in website design, take a look at the article “The Importance of Color & Contrast in Increasing Sales and Conversions” where the author talks more about the ways in which the concept of contrast can help a business website navigate the internet in a beneficial way. If you are looking for a web design Chicago agency to help you incorporate color contrast into your website, consider eBizUiverse as your gateway to a more successful website with an increased sales and conversion rate.

A web design is comprised of art and functionality that serves a purpose… to create a better user experience for the visitor and to increase the success of the business or group it serves. When it comes to website design there are a lot of tips out there to help improve a site from in the interior which the visitor never sees to the exterior that builds an impression on the visitor as they traverse the site. All of these tips can be useful to improving web site design, but did you know that you can use brain science to not only improve a web design, but back up those tips as well?

The Brain and it Interprets Web Design

The brain is a fairly mysterious thing even after countless studies conducted by scientists, doctors and researchers. Even though today we no more than ever there is still so much to learn, but luckily the things researchers have learned can be used to back up even the most mundane thing like how a brain interprets and views web design. From where our eyes travel when we load up a website design page to how “herd behaviors” can be used to increase social perception, how the literacy of the user effects the success of the page and much more. The way the brain tends to react to web development has allowed web designers to better create sites that speak to the user with more success than ever before.

Web Design Tips with Brain Science in Mind

Using your brain to improve web design seems like a given, but using the way your brain tends to react to a website design isn’t as common even if it should be. In the article “6 Web Design Tips Based on Brain Science” you can get six useful tips that are centered on how the brain reacts to better improve the way web development is done. Web design with the brain in mind just might be the success you and your website are looking for.

As a Chicago website design agency, we are often tasked with creating websites that are beautiful to the eye and this is something that allows the idea of art and web development design are the same thing. Art and web design for years have been confused as roughly the same thing and though they have similarities, they are wholly different. As a web developer, a designer is tasked with not only creating art, but functional art and this is the resounding difference that separates art from website design.

Chicago Website Design: Art for the Sake of Art

When people create art it is done so with the express purpose to create beauty and to create emotion, but it is rarely done so for the purpose of creating functionality. Art is created for the sake of art and the artist; a Chicago website design team on the other hand creates web development design to create a web site that not only interacts with visitors, but inspires them as well.

Chicago Website Design: How are They so Different?

Web design is an artform that has a basis is functionality and intention that helps to achieve a particular goal. In the article “The Difference Between Art and Design” the difference between the two are explored in a fun and interesting way. The task of a Chicago website design team is always one that straddles the line of being functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, no matter what the purpose a web site design must have these two things to truly be a site worth visiting.

When it comes to web design there are many things that go into the overall design process. From the overt aesthetics to the more subtle advertising platforms used, the process of creating a website is made up of things we give a lot of thought to and others that are decided on the fly. The thing is that you just might be making subconscious decisions that could be affecting the success of the website without you really even noticing.

How Your Web Design Can Affect Your Site

Whether you realize it or not the overall website design of your site is something that affects not only the user experience, but the success in drawing in traffic and keeping it (thereby creating revenue.) The web development of a site relies heavily on not only how the customer views the site, but how they are able to interact with it and share it with others. If your web design is designed in a way that puts them off or hinders their efforts to further delve into it, you might just be shooting yourself in the foot subconsciously.

4 Subconscious Issues in Web Design You Might be Using

Web development isn’t just a simple thing where you can just slap some paint, spackle and nifty advertisements over; you have to really put effort and planning into it. Of course, some of the effort and planning just might be backfiring on you. In the article “4 Subconscious Mistakes You’re Probably Making” you can find out more about the ways you are subconsciously hurting your website’s success without even realizing it. Web design isn’t a set in stone thing where you have to follow a certain path to get your individual site perfect, but there are some things that just might help you to make the whole process better in the long run.

For many website design agencies today the idea of creating a beautiful site is something that could probably get boiled down to “the beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, but across the board there are usually websites that stand out because of anything from web design innovation to truly minimalistic artistry. The conception of a website or a redesigning of one can go in many ways from loud and full of attitude to sophisticated and full of wonderfully rich detail, but the end result is always something that at the end of the day is a tossup on whether it is truly wonderfully designed or not.

The Massive Task of Website Design

When a design begins the task of website design from the beginning stages where the ideas are formed to the actual creation of the site, there is a lot that goes into it… from landing pages to colors schemes to ad placement and more. It is a massive task that takes not only skill and an eye for detail, but a creative mind that can take an abstract idea and make it real. Whether you are successful at it is left up you. For many businesses and individuals it is a task that is all too important to be left up to chance and the search for a web design agency to create the site begins. With a skilled and qualified Chicago website design agency, a website can begin to form that is startling in its clarity, innovation and streamlined simplicity.

Examples of Wonderful Website Design

Whether you chose to create a web design on your own or chose a Chicago website design agency to do the task for you, starting out your journey with an idea of what works best is always ideal. In the article “20+ Wonderful Design-heavy Websites” you can get a firsthand look at truly exceptional website designs to get your creative juices flowing.