As a Chicago website design agency, we are often tasked with creating websites that are beautiful to the eye and this is something that allows the idea of art and web development design are the same thing. Art and web design for years have been confused as roughly the same thing and though they have similarities, they are wholly different. As a web developer, a designer is tasked with not only creating art, but functional art and this is the resounding difference that separates art from website design.

Chicago Website Design: Art for the Sake of Art

When people create art it is done so with the express purpose to create beauty and to create emotion, but it is rarely done so for the purpose of creating functionality. Art is created for the sake of art and the artist; a Chicago website design team on the other hand creates web development design to create a web site that not only interacts with visitors, but inspires them as well.

Chicago Website Design: How are They so Different?

Web design is an artform that has a basis is functionality and intention that helps to achieve a particular goal. In the article “The Difference Between Art and Design” the difference between the two are explored in a fun and interesting way. The task of a Chicago website design team is always one that straddles the line of being functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, no matter what the purpose a web site design must have these two things to truly be a site worth visiting.