To-do list

If your blog posts and status updates are sporadic and unpredictable then you are missing out on the many advantages to using a content calendar. Since creating and publishing amazing content is a huge part of online business these days, not spending some time every month planning your materials could be a major mistake.

We’ve outlined below some ideas to take into consideration when planning your calender:

1. Consistency is Key

Content is more successful if it is published on a predictable schedule. Your faithful followers will appreciate knowing when to expect articles and posts from you. This will also allow you to even out your publications so you never go long stretches without connecting with your audience.

2. Never Ending Ideas

One week there could be several major events in your industry causing the ideas to flow easily and the next week you might find yourself struggling to come up with something, anything, to write about. With a well thought out content calendar you can use themes and creative series to help you never be at a loss for words again. Start each week or each month with a specific theme, this will help you organize your thoughts for the time period and create a story arc your readers can follow. Plan related stories as articles, interviews, infographics, case studies and social media updates.

3. Social Media Management

A lack of planning will ensure that your social media accounts will be neglected for weeks until you have time to update them (at which point they will flood the internet with your posts all at once). This will not only hurt your chances for growth but will be a turn off for your faithful followers who might ignore your messages or worse, leave you. Using a content calendar for your social media can help you keep a steady flow that offers useful information and helps to promote your other content.

4. Sponsored Posts and Guest Blogs

With a well thought out content calendar you can easily spot opportunities for guest blogs and sponsored posts. Take a look at your upcoming topics and identify brands that might want to pay you to advertise their products. This is a great way to monetize your blog without being inundated with random ads.

5. Delegation – The Key To Success!

The final reason you need a content calendar is also one of the most important: delegation. The ability to delegate will save you a tremendous amount of time. You can have a whole team of content creators on staff or on stand-by and easily assign them tasks from your content calendar. Everyone will know what is expected because they all have a road map to follow!