When someone visits your website, it takes them just eight seconds before they decide to leave or stay. Since they normally land on your homepage first, this page must impress your visitors.  We’ve listed five sections required on your homepage to interest your visitors and make them stick around for more.

1) Contact Information

Contact usYour visitors need to be able to contact you, especially if your website is selling something. You want to give them a variety of options, such as email, a physical address for postal mail and a phone number that someone answers during normal business hours. You can choose a prominent “Contact Us” link on your homepage or display the actual information in a place that is easy to see.

2) Easy Navigation

If your website is not easy to navigate, visitors will quickly leave. The important information on your site should have clear links so that visitors can find the right page without any effort. Things like your “About Us” page, an “FAQ” page, a page for “Shopping” or “Services,” a “Contact Us” page and a page for information on “Shipping” (if applicable) should be right on your homepage. You may need other clear links, depending on the purpose of your website.

3) Social Media Links

Every website needs associated social media pages today to better interact with customers. You should have links to your website’s associated social media pages prominently displayed on your homepage so that people can quickly find them. Many people place these near where they put their contact information since all of this information allows people to contact you and learn more.

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4) Free Demo

Nothing will entice a customer more to continue exploring your products and services than by offering to give a free demo, because every body likes free, right?  Having a potential client enter a few bits of information into a field that will funnel into a CRM system is gold, and they receive a snapshot if you will of the various products you offer with no strings attached.

5) A Great Image

People are very visual, so if your homepage only contains blocks of text, this may be too boring and it is not a good incentive to stay. Place one or several images on your homepage that represents your website topic or your business. The image(s) should be clear and crisp, as well as colorful to catch someone’s attention.