Smartphone voice searchSearch engine optimization is crucial for the long-term health of your website. Without the right search rankings, it’s impossible to show up high enough on websites like Google to bring in new customers.

Voice-to-text technology, however, may be redirecting the way certain inquiries are showing up.

The Difference Between Voice and Text

Let’s say you wanted to know what the oldest breed of cat was. How would you type that into your computer? Chances are your search would look something like “oldest cat breed.” You would certainly get the results you’re looking for, but what if you are using a voice assistant such as Siri or Cortana?

Research has shown that people are more likely to use natural phrases when they’re using a voice-to-text. This same inquiry would likely become “What is the oldest breed of cat?” Searches are finally evolving enough to pair perfectly with human language.  Apple and Microsoft are constantly updating these voice to search programs so it understands ‘everyday’ language and not ‘canned’ language.

Why Voice Search is Changing the Game

Voice searchThese changes might seem pretty minor, until you consider how fast voice searches are growing. These inquiries are becoming more popular faster than any other type. According to new research, 55% of teenagers and 41% of the adults are already using voice search capabilities, and that number is growing rapidly.

Even these small changes to word choice will have a big effect on general searches over such a large scale. Now companies can begin expanding their focus for keywords and search terms. Longer voice searches also give better insight into the intent behind the search. Because when it comes to marketing, you can never know too much about your customers.

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