Recently Facebook launched its “Custom Audiences” ads to help Facebook advertising gain a whole new level for drumming up business and brand interest for a company. Facebook in years past has allowed advertisers to target their Facebook advertising towards certain demographics such as age, gender, relationship status, Likes and location found through the user’s Facebook account, but now the social media giant has taken the concept of Facebook marketing and personalized it even more.

What are Facebook Advertising Custom Audiences Ads?

Custom Audiences ads take the traditional forms of Facebook marketing (age, gender, relationship status, Likes and location) and add even more dimensions to it for businesses to create custom targeted ads for Facebook users. The new advertising option gives businesses the chance to filter through the hundreds of millions of Facebook users more thoroughly with email, Facebook user IDs, phone numbers and any users who have had previous contact with the business through Facebook in some way.

How Do Custom Audiences Ads Work?

To use Custom Audience ads the advertiser needs to upload a .txt or .csv file that is filled with the necessary data for advertising such as emails, phone numbers or Facebook user IDs of those on Facebook the advertiser wishes to specifically advertise to. Once that is done the information is then encrypted with Power Editor and sent to Facebook where the information is the matched with information the social media site already has in their database. From there an advertiser is then able to use the recently uploaded information with other advertising filters such as age and gender to create customized audience ads for specific Facebook users or demographic groups of people on Facebook.

What Does this New Form of Facebook Advertising Mean for Businesses?

This opens up the possibility of Facebook advertising getting precisely targeted results so businesses can advertise to the users who would find the most favor and benefit the most from the ads they see. With more highly targeted Facebook marketing ads, businesses are able to get better results from those ads, creating a higher success rate for the businesses advertising budget and it’s overall profitability.

Are Custom Audiences Ads the Future of Facebook Advertising?

From the information supplied by Facebook, Custom Audiences ads are set to be the newest and most effective form of marketing or advertising businesses can chose on the social media site. With roughly 955 million users on Facebook at any given time, this newer form of Facebook advertising will help fine tune the targeting process for ads and give businesses the chance to make the Facebook ads as successful as possible.