When you think of social media oftentimes customer service isn’t an immediate related concept. Social sites like Facebook and Twitter after all are more geared towards conversations and advertising for a business, but in recent years the two business departments have slowly but surely grown closer and changed together. The question is: how and why?

Social Media’s Effect on Customer Service

As more and more companies and people in general get tapped into the internet on nearly every aspect of life, from purchasing products to talking to friends and family, the online world becomes more of a go-to for people worldwide… even customer service issues and social media has paved the way for this new way of dealing with customer service. The natural inclination in years past when dealing with a brand, service or product issue was to go to the business in person or call, but in a technology driven world that has changed, leaving more and more people seeking out resolutions to their business related issues online. From Facebook to Twitter, Google+, YouTube and more, social networking proves to be a driving force when it comes to customer service resolution.

The Ways in Which Social Media & Customer Service Have Changed Together

In the recent How Social Media Is Changing Customer Service (And Why Big Brands Must Try Harder) infographic the concept of how social networking sites have changed customer service is explored. Using statistics acquired from social networking site users the infographic provides a startling glimpse into the ways that the two driving business forces have combined… and how a business must evolve with it to stay current. In the few years since the concept has come on the scene, social media has proved to be a lasting concept and if these stats are correct it will be influence countless other business departments as well.