An e-mail drip campaign is a great tool that your business can use to build strong business relationships, maintain your client base and increase sales.

But what exactly is an e-mail drip campaign and how do they accomplish this?

Drip Campaign Basics

e-mail drip campaignSimply put, e-mail drip campaigns are a series of e-mails that go out at a specific time based on user timelines or actions. The purpose of e-mail drip marketing is to get people the right information at precisely the right time. There are many examples of e-mail drip marketing at work in today’s business world.

For example, if a user is looking for a job that user may sign up to receive job alerts from a website like Monster or Indeed when the site finds a job that matches the user’s profile. E-mail drip marketing is at work any time that user receives a job alert e-mail.

Drip marketing can also take the form of blogs or newsletters. which has been shown to be faster, more efficient, and effective because:

  • E-mails are pre-written which saves you time
  • Emails can be personalized with your business information
  • You set the parameters by which e-mails are sent to users

Why should your business implement e-mail drip marketing? Targeted e-mails will generate more profit for your business than standard globally broadcasted e-mails.

e-mail drip campaignIn what aspects of your business can you use e-mail drip marketing?

  • Cultivating customer relationships
  • Reduction in abandoned online shopping carts
  • Welcoming new users
  • Making recommendations to users
  • Promote user engagement
  • Encourage user activation
  • Manage user confirmations, subscriptions, & renewals
  • Promote sales

The success of your e-mail drip marketing campaign is measured by the purpose of your campaign – do you want someone to fill out a form?  Do you want someone to visit a web page?  To set up a drip campaign for your company, call us at 847.220-9541 or email [email protected]