That’s A Winner! Minor League Baseball Team The Schaumburg Boomers selects eBizUniverse as Online Marketing Partner.

eBizUniverse Schaumburg Boomers Official Marketing Partner

The Schaumburg Boomers have announced that eBizUniverse is the Official Online Marketing Partner for the team. As any baseball fan can tell you, the Boomers are a Frontier League professional baseball team based in Illinois. They are the current Frontier League Champions and is the 8th fastest-growing pro baseball franchise in the country.

The Boomers are known for being true professionals that are loyal and friendly to fans making them a preferred family event every season. In 2013 they were Frontier League Champions, becoming the first team in League history to finish the playoffs undefeated. If you follow the team you very well may see your favorite players become MLB team members one day! With Free Parking and fireworks (on weekends), Boomers Stadium is the most exciting place to be to catch a baseball game.

During this partnership, eBizUniverse will be developing Internet Marketing Strategy, Implementing SEO, Landing Pages and Web Content for the Schaumburg Boomers. We are proud to be chosen by this talented athletic team for their digital marketing needs and are looking forward to building their brand and fan base through online marketing.

For more information about the Boomers baseball team you can visit their website at or like their Facebook page at

The digital marketing team at eBizUniverse has been in business for 7 years and has a reputation for quality work and strong business relationships in the community.


To celebrate this partnership, eBizUniverse will be raffling away free tickets for their facebook fans. Be sure to “LIKE” us on facebook to win:

eBizUniverse Schaumburg Boomers Official Marketing Partner

Schaumburg Boomers Ticket Giveaway


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About Schaumburg Boomers:

Beginning play in the Frontier League of Professional Baseball in May 2012, the Schaumburg Boomers are the second club owned by prominent Chicago attorney Patrick A. Salvi and his wife, Lindy Salvi. Named after the Greater Prairie Chicken that once roamed throughout Schaumburg and the surrounding areas in the 19th century, the Boomers are bringing to the people of Schaumburg the fun, affordable, family entertainment. Free Parking, Kids Eat Free Tuesdays and Fireworks on weekends are some of the highlights of Boomers Baseball. For more information on the Boomers, check out their website:

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Mobile phones with Internet connectivity are very popular these days. The Internet is no longer just for desktop computers and laptops but also for mobile phones. It is for this reason that mobile responsive websites are also becoming a hot topic in terms of Web Design. There are varying opinions as to whether mobile responsive websites are better than creating a separate mobile site. For the benefit of those who are not familiar with what a mobile responsive website is, it refers to a website that is compatible on various devices, from desktop computers, to tablets and smartphones.

A mobile responsive web design is better than a separate mobile site in many ways. For instance, it is better for Search Engine Optimization. Search engines recommend its use. In fact, search engine giant, Google, recommends a responsive design for websites. A preferred web design is one that serves different types of devices using the same set of URLs and only altering the CSS to render a website on a specific device.

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When you are deciding on a web page layout, one important factor you need to think of is whether you are going to use a fixed width or a flexible width layout. Thinking about this ahead of time will help you come up with the appropriate web design.  In the past, when people were still using those CRT screens, it probably wouldn’t have made much difference. But these days, with the varying widths of monitors, it has become harder than ever for web designers to decide on the best way to display websites. Which one is better, fixed or variable width? Each has its own pros and cons. By understanding them, you will also be able to make an informed decision.

Fixed Width


  • Whether the screen is large or small, the basic web layout for the webpage remains the same. This is preferred by those who want to provide a consistent image for their audience.
  • Fixed width web layouts have better control for line lengths. For larger monitors, tables can be used to prevent text to become too long.


  • Some parts of the page may not be viewed or may have horizontal scrolling. This happens when the browser is smaller than the page grid. Vertical scrolling is very common while many users find horizontal scrolling to be uncomfortable. That is why web designers want to avoid the need for horizontal scrolling as much as possible.
  • Fixed width web layouts may result to large empty spaces. Vertical scrolling may have to be done more than necessary.

Flexible Width


  • Remember that websites are displayed in varying monitor resolutions. In keeping the web layout flexible, it can be customized accordingly
  • The page will fill up the whole screen with no awkward empty spaces on either sides
  • You don’t have to choose a target monitor resolution when designing the layout
  • It is functional to a great number of users


  • On large screens or monitors, the text line length may look awkward as it fills the width of the browser. Text that is supposed to be in a form of a paragraph will become a long line of text, which can be very uncomfortable for readers.
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  • Flexible web layouts allow the page to be customized for every display, but it also makes it unpredictable. Users may have varying experiences for the same webpage.

If you are a website owner, you may ask the help of a website designer to determine the best layout for your website. You should also take into consideration the devices used by your readers or visitors to access your website. If a lot of your readers are using their mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, to visit your website, it may be a good idea for you to use a flexible width layout.

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Different techniques are used by Search Engine Optimization companies to boost a website’s ranking. One of the basic things you need to set up for a website when optimizing it for search engines is its URL structure. The URL plays a very important role when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. This makes sense as URLs are displayed in the search results, just below the title of the document and snippet. Keep the structure of your URLs simple to make it easier for search engines to find your website. Use words that are relevant to your website and avoid using numbers unless necessary for the structure of the URL. It is easier for users to remember URLs if its structure is simpler with no unnecessary parameters. Compare these two URLs for example: “” and “”. The latter is recommended because it will give you a better ranking in search engines for your keywords. Those who want to link to your URLs may also use the URL of the page as anchor text. Therefore, you want to keep it simple as very long and cryptic URLs may only intimidate them.

In Search Engine Optimization, a simple directory structure is also advisable. This way, it won’t be difficult for your web visitors to access your pages. Users will appreciate it if the contents of a website are organized. Too many subdirectories will only leave visitors confused. You need to structure it in a manner in which removing a part of the URL will get the visitor to the main page.

There are a lot of things to be learned for Search Engine Optimization. Take your time in finding out the different techniques and methods you may use to bring your website to the top of the results page of search engines, like Google. By knowing the available techniques you may use, you’ll be able to collaborate well with a an SEO company as you are not left out of the dark with what the company is doing to achieve your online marketing goals.

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A website contains everything your customers will need to know about your company. Depending on how you want to maximize your website, you may also use it as a place where you can sell your products, services and a venue for interacting with your customers through online chat and more. These days, many start-up online business owners prefer to get the services of professionals to develop and optimize their websites for search engines. You can stop worrying about designing and creating the website yourself. With a Web development company, all you may have to do is to let the company know of your preferences and they’ll start making the website for you. However, before you can have a website developed, it is still essential for you to establish a good plan first. You need to be clear what you want so that your web developers will also know what to do and finish your website the soonest possible time.

First, you need to understand that web design and web development are two different things. Web design focuses mainly on how the website looks and how viewers can interact with it. Website development, on the other hand, focuses on the functionality of the website. It can be referred to as the back end process of the website. Web designers are responsible for making the website look appealing while web developers are responsible of making the website work. These days, you can find many companies that offer both website design and development while there are also companies that focus mainly on one area.

Whether you choose to work with a website design and development company or one that specializes in website development, you want to be clear and precise with your instructions. Web developers will only do what you require of them. Some companies may take the extra mile but letting them know exactly what you want for your website will make everything go without a hitch. You may also ask these web developers for suggestions and what the current online trend is. For example, these days, your website may do better if it is mobile-compatible. This is because a huge percentage of online users prefer to connect to the Internet via their mobile phones. A mobile compatible website will therefore enhance user experience.

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