As the 2014 calendar year winds down, millions of businesses everywhere are busy trying to meet or exceed their sales quota from last year. That’s not an easy task, considering they would be competing with both big box retailers (i.e. Target, Tiger Direct) and behemoth online retailing (i.e. Amazon, eBay, Alibaba).

Now, hopefully businesses have met with their internet marketing teams months ago to put forth a plan to encourage new customers and entice current customers into purchasing their product. If not, you’re in luck. There’s still time, but Christmas is only three weeks away – better move fast!

Analyze your Marketing Ambassador

The first task is to analyze your website because that’s the first thing people look for. Is it still working for you? Do you have the latest design or utilize the latest trends? More often than not, companies will roll out a landing page specifically for the holiday season. This landing page will have a clear call to action, and offers the best chance for upsells.

Social Media is King

Internet social media icons
These days everyone is searching online for the best deal – maybe Twitter has it, perhaps Facebook, or even LinkedIn. Pinterest is also a great place to get your ideas across, especially if you’re a hardware store. Be sure to keep your images and contact information updated, as customers may want to call in to see if an item is in stock. Twitter and Facebook allow you to offer coupons and other discounts daily.

Videos Offer Trust

Instead of requiring your virtual guests to read paragraph upon paragraph about yourself, how about recording your message in a video? More often than not, it’s quicker, and it adds a face to the brand, making it more trustworthy. Videos should be 45 seconds to 2 minutes in length and should hit your major points without overburdening your visitors.

Don’t let your competitors leave you behind this holiday season. Following our suggested upgrades you can easily bring a fresh look to your company within just a day or two!