With well over 1 billion users, no matter what your market niche is, you’re bound to find targeted customers on Facebook. Luckily, Facebook offers relatively low costs advertising solutions with easy-to-create ad campaigns that you can use to reach millions potential customers.

Facebook adsUsing Facebook Ads you can promote your pages, your posts, websites, opt-ins or just about anything else you can thinks of. Facebook calls this your campaign type and you can have as many active campaigns as you want.  The ads will display either in the news feed itself or inside the right-hand sidebar. This placement is also your choice and depending on what type of ad you are displaying.

The budget for your ad is easy to control and can be adjusted anytime. Your ad can run for a set length of time or until your daily maximum is reached. You can pay based on impressions or clicks and success can be measured on a analytics dashboard. Using Facebook ads can lead to more traffic and higher conversion for your products and offers.

A simple outline of the steps are as follows:

  1. Choose your campaign type (purpose of your ad)
  2. Choose where your ad will display (in the news feed or on the right sidebar)
  3. Set up a budget with a daily or lifetime limit
  4. Use either the Facebook ad creator or the power editor to create your ad
  5. Select your target customer base
  6. Watch your statistics on Facebook’s ad center dashboard
  7. Test and improve your ads for even higher success rates

One of the most unique features of using Facebook ads is the amount of targeting you can do for desired customers. You decide who sees your ads based on demographics and even hobbies. This helps you attract only those people who are likely to be interested in what you’re offering, saving you time and advertising dollars. Modifying your targets will change the amount you have to pay for the ad so this is another way you can control your costs as well.

As with any professional marketing campaign you will want to test your ads in order to increase your traffic and opt-in rates over time. Facebook ads are a great way to boost your business without spending a ton of money from your marketing budget.