Video MarketingVideo as a marketing tool is getting more and more important each day. In fact, on Vidyard, Kimbe MacMaster lists 10 reasons that video marketing should actually be a leading marketing strategy.

How to Incorporate Video into a Marketing Strategy

There are many ways to incorporate it into a content marketing strategy that works for your business:

>>Re-purpose that blog post that was really successful into a video.

>>Interview people in the industry.

>>Have a CEO or executive talk about the purpose or motto of the business.

Now that the video is created, however, the question becomes where should it be posted?

Posting on Facebook

Mobile facebook videosWhy might someone choose to post a video on Facebook?

>>>>Everybody else is doing it. A Marketing Land article looks at a survey conducted by SocialBakers that shows more and more marketers are bypassing YouTube and posting straight to Facebook. If the competition is doing it, then it is smart to follow in suit.

>>>>While it is harder in general to break into the Facebook game organically, videos are more likely to be picked up organically on the site than other content.

Posting on YouTube

Rick Astley on YouTubeWhy might it be a good idea to post a video on YouTube?

>>>>Many experts suggest that it is the best option.

>>>>YouTube has become the second largest search engine out there.

>>>>It is owned by Google, which means it might be ranked higher.

>>>>It is cheaper because it is hard to break into the Facebook world organically.

>>>>People tend to watch YouTube videos longer than Facebook ones.

Posting in Multiple Places

There are great reasons to use videos in marketing campaigns, and those benefits can be realized in most public places they get posted. However, why choose one?

The real answer to the question of where a video should be posted might just be wherever other content is being posted. In other words, put videos on Facebook and YouTube.