Social media confusion

Do you keep forgetting the passwords to your company’s various social media accounts? Are you tired of copying and pasting the same content across multiple pages? Do you know the difference between Pinterest and Instagram, and understand the unique value of each one?

If not, continue reading this article for help understanding and managing the dozens of unique popular social media platforms.

Understanding Each Platform

Having a Facebook business page or business handle (Twitter) may no longer be enough to connect with the audience you want. You may be well-versed in both, but how well do you know other social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram? If those names still sound familiar, how about a few of the platforms that Forbes predicts could explode before 2016, including SlideShare, Ello, Hyper, and Wanelo?

Each of these sites has a distinct purpose, audience, and benefit. Expand your reach by utilizing the unique services that each site has to offer. For example, Buyable pins on Pinterest make it possible for users to purchase items directly from their feeds. SlideShare users can easily develop and share professional slideshow presentations while Instagram users can share photos as well as short videos.

Managing Your Social Media Accounts

Depending on the size of your company, you may need to designate an employee position for social media marketing and management. Another possibility is outsourcing, but either way the individual in charge will likely make use of a third-party social media management website or system.

Before launching a new social media campaign, spend time with your advertising and marketing teams to develop ideas and fresh content. Have personnel ready to engage with consumers and respond quickly to both compliments and complaints.