Google SEOFor some time now, website owners and SEO managers have been measuring their success and picking link partners based on Google’s Toolbar Page Rank Tool.  People came to understand that a PR4 is excellent while a PR1 is pretty low. In the last year however, Google has stopped updating the their Page Rank tool altogether, confusing and angered site owners who are trying to increase their website traffic.

As many people know, Google is relentless when it comes to creating an air-tight algorithm that rewards organic web traffic and positive SEO tactics. As it became clear that basing metrics on Page Rank was driving link spamming, Google decided to abandon the practice and now encourages web designers to focus on other SEO tactics and measurements. They have updated the PR toll only once within the last year, and that was done by accident. It is clear that Google will no longer be supporting Page Rank going forward.

Many people have found that Domain Rank is a close alternative and have started to use Moz Domain Authority’s 100 point Page Rank system. Domain Authority measures the predictive ranking strength of entire domains or subdomains. It is a higher level picture of authority strength and it is more difficult to impact with black hat SEO practices.

Inbound links to websiteYou can use the Moz Open Site Explorer to find the Domain Rank of any website for free. You can also view the inbound links to that site and their own respective Domain Ranks. This allows you to keep tabs on your competition and find related high ranking authority sites you might want involved in your linking strategy. There is also a Pro version of Moz that allows for more reports and metrics to be analyzed.

Moving forward it is more important than ever to concentrate your efforts on meaningful SEO tactics including creating amazing content, a solid linking strategy and paying attention to how views use their site. To increase your Domain Rank and be seen in Google search results, partner yourself with a SEO expert like the ones at eBizUniverse. Long range thinking, well planned strategies and quality content will be your key to success.