YouTube screenshotYouTube has quickly become one of the most popular websites for users of all demographics and age groups to view, upload, and share videos. While the site started off as a spot to upload short videos and clips, it has quickly grown to include more options; unique series, music videos, and even streams are now available for users to enjoy.

Given that the site is now used for many new purposes, the search juggernaut Google launches YouTube Red, a subscription-based service designed to improve any viewing experience.

Subscription Service, No Ads

YouTube adsYouTube uses advertisements in order to generate revenue so the site can be used without a direct cost for the user. However, those who visit the site often may grow tired of seeing ads consistently pop up during the first few seconds of a video. Understanding this, Google has created YouTube Red.

This service, which can be acquired via monthly subscription, allows users to view the website without advertisements. While ads will still be visible on paid channels and TV/movie rentals, all other ads will be removed for YouTube Red users.

Convenient Viewing and Listening Experience

While removing ads from content can make it flow more smoothly and allow for a better experience, YouTube Red offers numerous other benefits as well. Videos can now be downloaded onto tablets and phones so that they can be viewed offline. In addition, audio content can be listened to while the screen is off. This can be very convenient for those who enjoy listening to music on YouTube. The service also comes with a free subscription to Google Play Music.

More Options for Businesses

Uploading video content to be viewed by others is common for entertainment and educational purposes. However, online content of this type can also be very useful for businesses. This is especially true for businesses that specialize in online marketing. Training videos, advertisements, and other types of content can all be uploaded, downloaded, and easily viewed by users with YouTube Red.

For those who aren’t interested in YouTube Red, the standard version of the website will still be available to use free of charge. However, Google has increased the amount of options available to users, providing a better chance that each person or business will find the option that suits their needs.