For many B2B companies the idea of using social media isn’t as obvious a concept as more prominent business-to-consumer companies that have an unlimited consumer base. B2B companies are limited by their own customer base because they are strictly for other businesses…  and this is why so few business-to-business companies have social media marketing in their marketing strategy. However, as more individuals and businesses alike jump on the social media bandwagon it is becoming apparent that the more restricted B2B industry needs to get on a resource that could prove profitable and ultimately successful for the business.

The Variety in Which Social Media is Available to B2Bs

Just like with any other business out there social media offers business-to-business companies a wide and varying range of social networking platforms to chose from in a marketing strategy. From the most well known social site Facebook to more business oriented platforms like LinkedIn, a B2B business can pick and chose the right ways in which to dip their toes into the social media pool. There are blogs, tweets, YouTube videos, social bookmarking and more; all offering a unique and specific benefit to a business that relies on other businesses to turn a profit. In the modern era when a simple, cheap and effortless video can go viral social networking sites offer an avenue of reaching that hard to reach business consumer base that could open up new markets for a company.

B2Bs and Social Media: The Infographic that Says it All

Whether you have a small B2B company that hasn’t ventured much farther than selling locally or you have a large multi-national business-to-business company that is looking to join the new internet era, social networking is the key to success. In the article “Why B2B Brands Must Invest In Social Media In 2013” a truly inspiring and startling infographic sheds light on the concept of why B2Bs needs to get in on social media this year.