In business SEO has been the leading tool for driving traffic to websites since the creation of search engines so many years ago. Search engine optimization has taken the online world by storm as the concept of creating web content that is not only targeted to a specific audience and subject, but directly suited for using search engines to find that targeted audience. In the years between its creation and today, search engine optimizing has changed in new and inventive ways as more and more businesses incorporate it into their online websites and into their everyday business operations. But, one thing that is constant is the core of the SEO movement.

SEO and the Evolving Strategy

When you think of SEO you probably think of keywords and that is about it, and while it is true that search engine optimization relies heavily on keywords targeted to a specific subject, it isn’t the only way to use search engines to a business’ advantage. From mobile sites to faceted navigation, internal links/backlinking, meta tagging, social media sharing and more… search engine optimizing brings with it a fully fleshed out and ever changing form of driving traffic to a specific web page. As the leading SEO agencies continually adapt to the way that the internet and internet-linked devices are used new ways of using the age old techniques are created.

How SEO Has and Hasn’t Changed

The idea that SEO is a fading fashion is something that countless people have said, but as it adapts to new environments it holds true to some things while forming new ways of doing other things. The article “The Paradox Of New Vs. Old SEO” considers the ways in which search engine optimization is ever adapting (but staying the same). It provides an interesting glimpse into the world of the old and new SEO techniques.