Run a Solid Social Media Marketing Campaign with these Tips

If you’re running a social media marketing campaign, it helps a lot to know how to do it right. With a social media marketing strategy that actually gets results, you’ll be able to pull in high profits, keep your expenditure cost low, and provide your visitors with things they really want to read and see.

In this article, you’ll learn some valuable tips that will improve your social media marketing campaign.

One aspect of online marketing that remains true, whether it be a social media site or otherwise, is the fact that fresh content makes readers come back. Fresh content pulls readers back to your site because they’re hungry for new information, offers, discounts, etc.

By keeping the content fresh, you can stay a step ahead of the competition by providing the information that readers want to see most. Keeping an emphasis on high quality content will also prevent you from being penalized by Google and other search engines.

People have information they really want to read and discover, IT’S YOUR JOB TO PROVIDE THAT!

Base Your Content On The Current Demand And Competition For In-Demand Topics

In addition to keeping content fresh, the next logical step in your social media marketing campaign should be to offer content that readers are searching for. By using keyword tools to find out what keywords people are searching for, you’ll be able to deliver content that’s catered to what people are actually interested in.

In that way, you’ll gain the highest amount of traffic, because search engine users will be “set up” to find your content, based on you doing your part to offer them content based on the topics and keywords they’re actually searching for.

SEO Optimize Your Social Media Pages With Keywords To Get A Better Google Ranking

SEO optimization graphic.

The next step in your social media marketing campaign should be to do some SEO optimization on your social media pages. This will help to increase your Google rank and to help the search engine spider/index your pages more appropriately.

There’s many ways you can optimize your social media pages, such as linking to your social media pages through other sites you own. You can also SEO optimize your image titles, by including relevant keywords in the file name.

Take Advantage Of How Each Social Media Site Is Set Up To Operate

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc, each have their own way of operating online.

For example, inserting keywords in the Twitter heading, which is how search engines spider/index keyword matches for Twitter sites, requires that you insert your desired keywords within the first 30-40 characters.

When using LinkedIn, being able to link back to your page is limited. However, you can use the LinkedIn services page to display up to three banner URL’s, which you can strategically use to benefit your social media campaign.

In Google+, in the About section, there’s no limit to the amount of hyperlinks you can include. This is handy when you have multiple pages of helpful information to link to in order to offer a stronger benefit to your visitors.

Analyze Your SEO Campaign To Better Formulate Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Google Analytics is a great tool you can use to understand how to better formulate your social media marketing strategy. You can find out what sites and what physical location your visitors are coming from, which can help you to launch demographically based discounts or advertisements.

You can also use Google Analytics to discover what portion of your readership is using a mobile phone to access your site. If the number of mobile readers is high enough, you might want to optimize your social media site to cater to the abilities of the mobile phone to properly display the content.

Finally, you can find out which of your social media pages is bringing in the most traffic, so that you can focus your content delivery to cater to those pages, while you figure out a way to make your less popular social media pages more popular.