Infographic 101Albert Costill wrote an article for Search Engine Journal, wherein he explains that an infographic is basically a graphic, visual representation of data or knowledge. He also points out that between the years of 2010-2012, infographic search volume increased by 800%!.

Should businesses be using them though?  We provide five reasons below for implementing infographics into your blog posts.

  1. People like them.

One of the best reasons to use infographics is because people like them. And if people like them, then they have a much better chance of being read and/or going viral.  It is believed that more people are visual learners than verbal, which means providing an effective infographic will greatly help your chances of getting found.

  1. They are easy for people to use.

Infographics are very easy to scan. Important pieces of information are brought out that give the viewer what they need, fast. This ease of use is a big part of why people like this content marketing tool.  Plus its not too difficult for the average Photoshop or Canva user to create these pieces of art relatively quickly.

  1. They help SEO.

Not only do people like infographics, but search engines do as well. Infographics tend to do very well with SEO and are becoming a highly searched commodity via Google images.

  1. Infographics can increase traffic.

For all of the reasons listed above, using an infographic effectively means more traffic to a blog or website. Plus, if the information is informative, readers might just want to see what else the site has to offer.  Better yet, they may forward or recommend your site to their friends and co-workers.

  1. Makes the post look more authoritative.

When people see a lot of important data, they are more likely to believe that the person give them the data knows what they are talking about. Infographics are great tools to use in order to make a business seem more credible and allows you to be the industry leader.

Creating an Infographic

Canva homepageNot only are infographics useful, they can be easy to make. There are lots of programs out there that can do the work for the business. Take for example Pictochart, Canva, or Photoshop.  Appealing infographics can be created in a short time but last in readers minds forever.

So, why not join the millions of internet users who have turned to infographics?