What can be accomplished in just 10 minutes each day on LinkedIn?

Quite a bit!

In this article, I will discuss how you can become a LinkedIn Rock Star by investing just 10 minutes everyday. I have broken this into 10 ACTIONABLE STEPS that you can do everyday to get the maximum out of your LinkedIn Profile:



LinkedIn Notifications

LinkedIn notifications

Check on any new notifications (on the top right hand corner) you have received, especially direct messages.  The others are mostly just notifications of new posts, etc. which are not going to be your highest priority when you are short on time. The direct messages however, will be important as they are messages sent directly to you from your connections that could potentially lead to a sale.  Be sure to check these first.

Connection Requests

LnkedIn connection requests

Take a peek at your new connection requests.  Are the names or companies familiar to you? Accept those you know and wish to connect with.  Has someone sent you a personalized request that may be worth reading? Accept the ones you’re comfortable with. You can discard all others. I usually accept 99% of my connection requests.

Make New Connections

Growing your LinkedIn network should be a priority. After all, we live in a connected world.

Search through the recommendations offered by LinkedIn to connect with. If you recognize anyone as a previous client, colleague, childhood friend, or otherwise, it may be a good idea to send a personalized connection request. Don’t just click on connect and send the standard LinkedIn message – no one likes that, customize the message.

Birthday and Anniversary Notifications

LinkedIn anniversary

LinkedIn will notify you if any of your connections has a birthday, work anniversary or a new job. You can like that status or add a personal comment. I usually skip the birthday notifications unless the individual is a friend or colleague. Always look for work anniversaries and send a personalized message to congratulate them and reconnect. You never know if it might lead you to a new sales opportunity.

Scan your News Feed

LinkedIn news feed

Scan your news feed to find any articles you’d be interested in reading later. If there is an article or update that your connections might find useful then share that with the network. We find that following interesting or useful companies on LinkedIn and scanning their updates is a great source of content to curate and share across the other social channels (especially Twitter).

Participate in LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups

Search for, join, and engage in a few groups you were interested in to become more well-known to the people in your field or interests. The more you contribute, the more your name will show up.  Again, networking is important. You will be perceived as an authority in the group the more you engage in thoughtful discussions.

Make Profile Updates (Once a Month)

LinkedIn profile updates

Know the top five strengths for which you want to be recognized and use them in your profile – repeatedly. If your top skill is project management, describe your project management proficiency in your summary as well as in multiple experience descriptions. This will help the right audience find you.

Request Recommendations

Ask your contacts to recommend you for only your top skills. Having the highest number of recommendations for your signature strengths will influence those who are looking at your profile. Have the courage to delete or reject the recommendations that aren’t central to how you want to be known. Do this once a week.

Give and You Shall Receive!

Give and Receive

Give recommendations and endorsements to those whom you genuinely admire. When you recommend other people, their reputation is seen an extension of your values.  You should receive the courtesy of connections providing recommendations and endorsements for you as well.

Show Gratitude

Thank you

Did anyone comment or like your article or updates? Don’t forget to show gratitude – thank them publicly by commenting back. Did anyone give you a recommendation? Write them a thank you direct message.


Anyone can use LinkedIn to their advantage if they are willing to spare about 10 minutes of their time every day and follow the steps above. It will expose your profile to a wide audience and will establish you as an authoritative voice in your niche which will ultimately lead to more leads and sales for your business.

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