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Local SEO for many businesses is still a little used business practice, rather businesses spend a great deal of time focusing on more broad term keywords and techniques that everybody is using. However, as search engines and search engine optimized content is geared more and more towards locality rather than basic keyword search results local search engine optimizing has become relevant to businesses now more than ever.

Why is Local SEO So Important?

People search everyday for things from local restaurants eat at to website design services, each search offering a chance for a business to draw a searcher to their site with carefully oriented search engine optimization. But, if another business utilizes local techniques such as using the keyword “SEO Chicago” instead of a plain “SEO” within their content, they are far more likely to be seen as relevant to not only the searcher, but the search engine that determines a business’ rank on a search page as well.

Why You Should Love Local SEO

Search Engine Watch recently posted a blog that talks about the value of utilizing local search engine optimization in the article “5 Reasons Small Business Should Love Local SEO.” Read the article and find out why is it so important to utilize local SEO content for your business.