Who exactly is your customer? What is their background? What are they most likely to prefer?
Know your customer

These are the questions grappled with by all the marketers. Different people have different tastes and preferences but often their backgrounds (including their income levels, upbringing, and sociocultural background) help shape these choices. This is why marketers came up with the idea of buyer personas, which are hypothetical but practical personalities of a potential customer. Just know it does get more difficult when you do that in a B2B environment. It is all fine with general customers but how do you measure the personality of a business? How to define the persona of an organization and if at all you manage to do it, how to use the same to enhance your marketing?

We find it a bit hard to apply these personas to human beings simply because we do not perceive organizations as human beings and find it hard to personify them. However, there are human beings running every organization and their collective personas can be surely attributed to the organizations, and the same can be used to shape the marketing pitches towards the said organizations. So, let us discuss a few ideas that B2B marketers can use to according to buyer personas.

Understand and Persuade

Many marketers have always preferred persuasion marketing. But it is hard to succeed if you do not fully understand your customer. By developing personas, they can have a clearer idea about the preferences and attitudes of the organizations and then fine-tune their marketing pitches accordingly.

Build a Community

Building an online communityPersonas will offer you a clear idea about all potential clients and so you can segregate them accordingly. The next step is to build a community. It can be as informal as a Facebook or LinkedIn group. What you have to do is to create a common platform for the people (i.e. managers and executives of the target firms) with the same persona so that you can tailor your content and service offering according them.

Do Not Forget Content Marketing

As you know, quality content is the need of the hour, especially in the online world. But quality is a very vague term. Different people may prefer different types of content. So, this is another field where you can design and fine-tune your content according to the dominant buyer persona. You can choose to share different types of contents with different groups segregated according to personas for better conversion.

Modify Incentives:

A general customer would love a free Starbucks voucher but that may not be attractive for the business you are trying to target. Personas can tell you what kind of rewards or incentives will be preferred by what kind of firms and then you can design the same accordingly to attract the right kind of businesses with appropriate offers.

Rejig Your UX:

User experience, both in the online and offline world plays a major role in customer satisfaction. But their expectations differ and so you must rejig your UX in such a way as the design of your website or mobile app according to your client persona.

Gamify Your Experience:

Gamification basically means designing experiences and activities in the manner of a game based on competition, social sharing, and rewards. It appeals naturally to individuals and even corporations are not untouched by it. If you think it can only work in B2C, look at SAP, the enterprise software giant who maintains an online community of thousands of users and employees. They help each other and points are given to those who solve problems and help others. So, there is a healthy competition and there are rewards too.