Facebook live streamingNo doubt you’ve seen live videos all over Facebook and other social media outlets by now.

Businesses, news stations, celebrities, and even people from your neighborhood have been able to broadcast themselves in real-time. The trends will only increase, according to research. In fact, the signs say the growth could be ten-fold in the coming year.

How Live Streaming is Changing Our Lives

Concert live streamingInstantaneous video information is more in demand than ever before. Think about television services such as Netflix: instead of paying hefty bills each month for content, people are opting to spend a few dollars and stream their own movies on-demand. We are becoming increasingly used to using video for all of our information and entertainment needs. The progression is now moving into our social lives.

The biggest change will be with our mobile phones. More people use their handheld devices to access the Internet than laptop or desktop computers now. As a result, researchers are estimating that mobile live streaming will increase tenfold by 2020. This is without accounting for the traffic generated by Wi-Fi usage, meaning the actual increase will be much more.

How to be Prepared

Companies can use these changes to their advantage. Platforms like Facebook make it very easy to begin a live stream and notify followers and friends about the broadcast. The real-time reactions are also a handy tool to help evaluate the success of the video while it is streaming, making it easier to adjust the content accordingly.

Live video isn’t something to be feared. In fact, it’s going to change the way we use the Internet, so businesses should do everything they can to take advantage of the trend.