eBizUniverse mobile websiteThe mobile web has grown faster than a speeding bullet with 90% of American adults owning cell phones and 75% of those cell phones being Smart Phones. This has led to a huge boom in mobile searching and changed the way business owners market themselves forever. Smart Phones enable users to search the web from wherever they happen to be and makes information easier than ever to access.

Businesses Can No Longer Ignore the Mobile Web
Many business owners think that if they have a website then Smart Phone users can use their phones to search for them just as easily as they can on the desktop, but that just isn’t so. For one, websites look and act differently on a mobile device. Large image files and tiny links and buttons do not translate well. If your website isn’t optimized for the mobile web it will load slowly (or not at all) and be difficult to navigate, sending your customers straight to the competition.

It is thought that as many as 60+% of Smart Phone users are searching for local information and use their mobile devices while shopping. These searches are by serious customers who often click on links or actually make phone calls with a touch of a button when on your mobile website. That is traffic and conversion you simply can’t afford to leave on the table any longer.

Making the Mobile Web Work For Your Business
We’ve already talked about making sure your website is mobile responsive so now let’s pay attention to your outbound e-mail marketing. A recent report showed that close to half of all e-mails are now being opened on mobile devices but surprisingly, a whopping 89% of marketers are not optimizing their e-mail messages for mobile use. Talk about missing a huge opportunity! It isn’t hard to optimize your e-mail for mobile devices, concentrate on smaller image sizes, less but more central images and larger call to action buttons that are easy to hit with a thumb or finger on a small screen.

Another way to stay smart on mobile marketing is to focus on the new long-tail keywords people use when searching on the mobile web. People tent to search in long phrases, almost complete sentences sometimes due to the talk to text function of many devices. Make sure your keywords and content are conversation-friendly to attract more consumers.