Web Design has gone through many transitions over the years and recent trends have many website owners opting for flat images, lots of white space and simplicity of design and there is a clear reason why. Your customers are highly visual and there are some basic psychological principles that influence how much they like your design and therefor how long they stay on your website.

Less Is More – The Power Of White Space

The buzz of the internet is so busy and aggressive that it can be overwhelming. Make your website a calm and professional place where white space is allowed to fill the gaps. Make your visual content simple yet powerful, your words inspiring yet concise and allow consumers to relax as they browse your website. Cut the clutter and get down to business!

Focus On What’s Important


Draw attention to headlines, key phrases and calls to action with creative headlines that are bigger and bolder than the rest of your text. Take snippets of important text and highlight them by adding color or changing font, just make sure not to go overboard, remembering that simplicity is still key.

Use Color To Influence Perception

Colors inspire emotions and for a majority of people there is a clear connection between specific colors and specific feelings. Make sure to keep the psychology of color in mind when choosing your brand colors and your web design colors. For instance, yellow is seen and friendly and fun where is red is attention grabbing, black is authoritative and green is calming. There are many color connections and combinations so do your research and combine the right colors with the right amount of white space for a killer website that people want to visit over and over again!