Three Ways to Better Utilize LinkedIn Company Showcase Pages

LinkedIn iconLinkedIn showcase pages are a feature that stems from the company page users can create allowing employees, clients, and others to follow news and updates. Showcase pages share similar features with the company page including: posting company and sponsored updates, see analytical results, and send sponsored InMail. With these similarities, it might make you think twice if showcase pages are really necessary. The answer would depend on the size, type, and structure of your business.

Microsoft Office Showcase PageAccording to LinkedIn, showcase pages were created to highlight a brand or specific project. This is useful for a business with multiple product lines targeting different market segments. For example, if you have a business that offers shoes for men and swimwear for ladies, you can create and maintain separate showcase pages allowing you to connect with specific segments that would be interested in these products.

For more specific examples of companies who have effectively used showcase pages, see Adobe, Cisco, Pepsi, or Coca-Cola.

Utilizing LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Here are other ways to use LinkedIn showcase pages:

  1. Target specific customers.

If you are a multi-brand company, you can use Showcase Pages to directly communicate with the customers of a particular brand. This would allow you to segment your audience and deliver the right messages at the right time. You can post about product updates, campaigns related to the product, and testimonials among others.

  1. Better organized.

If you have a busy Company Page, you can create Showcase Pages to organize the activity and messages you are receiving through the Company Page. For example, you can have a separate Showcase Page for recruitment, your products and services, and customer support.

  1. Specific marketing strategies.

Creating specific marketing and communication strategies would be easier, now that you have a dedicated page for a particular product or service. Again, this means that only your target audience for a specific brand would receive your messages.

Consider the benefits of LinkedIn showcase pages and see how it can help your business. Get help from digital marketing experts like to create LinkedIn company pages and showcase pages that work.

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