Top 10 Must Have iOS Apps to Grow Your Business

Mobile phones have changed the way small businesses do business. The right iOS Apps can increase your employees’ productivity, decrease spending, and directly contribute to more sales.

Here are the top 10 iOS Apps to look into for your small business:


FuzeFuze is an HD videoconferencing app. It’s a cloud-based conferencing app that lets you hold online meetings across all devices, including tablet, laptop, and more. With this iOS app, you can connect with business partners, customers, and remote employees without additional expensive conferencing equipment. All you need is your own iPhone and the app itself!


EvernoteEvernote is an iOS app that lets you take notes, track work, organize tasks, and more. Even better, plans for Evernote start out free, allowing your business to try it out before you commit to a bigger plan.

Square Register

SquareSquare Register is the mobile payment app that directly links to the Square device. When you need to collect digital payment, but don’t have the money for a full POS, this app and device work together to allow you to take credit and debit card information directly in front of your customer.


PaypalPayPal is another convenient way to collect payment and calculate costs within an app. If your small business conducts ecommerce, you can set up a PayPal account to let your customers pay securely online, from your website. From your app, you can track payments, issue refunds, and conduct other critical financial functions.


Do you need a cost effective and easy way to manage employee payroll? ZenPayroll is an iOS app that securely calculates payroll and income taxes across your organization.


DropboxDropbox is a cross-platform app that lets you upload and download files to a secure cloud. Dropbox for work allows multiple users to contribute to the same Dropbox, letting your employees share files remotely, wherever they are.


FreshbooksThis mobile app is a full-service accounting app that lets you take your important numbers with you. You can record and track your small business’s expenses, revenue, and profits.


TogglIf you need an easy app that lets you and your employees track your time from any platform, use Toggle. This app integrates into one account, centrally managed by the account owner, and lets your employees track how they spend their time at work. Use it to track productivity, projects, and more.


AddapptAddappt is an iOS app that helps busy small business owners keep their address books up to date. It organizes contact information in a way that’s optimized to the needs of small business.


AsanaUse the Asana app to create and keep track of projects, from start to finish. Within the app, you can assign tasks, keep track of due dates, and update project statuses. Even more importantly, Asana is managed from a central account, so you can access it on tablet and desktop as well as mobile.

Scan Pages

Scan PagesEven in this digital age, paper still plays an important role. This app allows you to take high quality scans of paper documents and upload them to a secure cloud.

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