Top 3 Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Digital marketing is all about using modern tools and social platforms to send targeted messages to audiences that benefit your business. However, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. For newbies in the world of digital marketing, it’s overwhelming to learn thousands of tactics, guidelines, and a bunch of information on how to scale a business. For that exact reason, you will learn here the top 3 digital marketing strategies that thousands of successful businesses are applying to keep growing their profits. Digital-Marketing  

The Proven 3 Strategies to Succeed with Digital Marketing

The Cambridge dictionary defines strategy as a “detailed plan for achieving success in situations such as war, politics, business, industry, or sport, or the skill of planning for such situations” With this definition in mind, the top 3 digital marketing strategies become the top 3 detailed plans for your success.   #1. Build your foundations Whether you’re starting your business or have been around in a while, the first step of growth is to build strong foundations. Having an online presence is not enough if you don’t know what to do after you create your business online profiles. You must create a website that converts and social media channels that reduce the communication gap between your company and potential clients – These will be your foundations. If you already have an online presence, your strategy will be all about optimizing and strengthen those foundations. In any case, you should pay attention to the following tips that will help you have a solid basement for your business:  
  • Build a website that is SEO optimized and that adds value to your customers by satisfying their search intent. SEO  is hard to ignore SEO when you discover that it has been reported that 67 thousand searches are performed on Google every second and 93% of all online experiences begin on a search engine.
  • Create social media profiles ONLY if you have the resources to keep your different audiences engaged with your brand.
  • Optimize your social media profiles by adding accurate information that is helpful to potential clients and great visual elements that strengthen your brand identity. According to reports, social media plays an important role in businesses because they set up their presence on platforms where people spend an average of 3 hours per day. Besides, 73% of marketers believe that social media has proved to get results.
  • Build a sales funnel that helps customers to make decisions faster.
digital-marketing-services   Once you have worked to enhance all the aspects listed above, you will notice a considerable improvement in your numbers. Take into account that SEO and Social Media are middle and long-term strategies. They take time to help you become an authority in your industry. For that reason, the following strategy is to help you get results in the short run. You may be thinking about why we listed as the first step a long-term strategy and not a short-term one. – It’s a valid point. However, having a sustainable business requires a combination of short, mid, and long-term strategies. And, you will never go so far without implementing the tips provided in step one.   #2. Be ready to build your ads Promoting your business using social media ads and search ads provide results almost immediately when done right. The best part of using digital ads is that you can optimize several relevant factors to help you show your ads to people who are more likely to buy from you. For example, if you decide to start advertising on Facebook, you will have the ability to segment your audience by age, location, gender, behavior, tastes, and more. In the case of search ads, you will use a different method to show your ads. Google uses a Keyword Method. This means that you can set up your campaign to show your ads only when people search using specific queries. For instance, if you have a shoe store, you can target people searching “best shoes to workout” or “shoe stores near me.” As you may notice, those two tactics can help you grow your leads database very fast. If you want to grow your business fast, digital ads will be a valuable resource for you. ads   #3. Work your online Authority and Reputation So far, you have learned the 2 digital strategies that will set up the base of your online success. However, there’s a third strategy that many times its ignored. That’s building your authority and reputation within your industry. If you become an authority, you will have more probabilities of increasing sales as people will associate your brand name with high-quality products or services. Now, to build your online reputation, you can choose among several different tactics that have been tested by hundreds of businesses worldwide. The first tactic is to invest in content creation. Content marketing has become one of the top priorities for new businesses in 2020. The reason is that great content adds value to your audience and attract more qualified prospects for your business. When you think about content marketing, think about all the variety of formats that can help you achieve your goals. For instance, you can choose to produce videos, articles, case studies, software tools, e-books, and more. The second tactic is to partner with another company in your niche. Making a partnership to host an event or produce content can help you reach people you don’t usually target. In other words, you can be advertising your brand on your partner’s audience. The third tactic to build your reputation is to implement a link building strategy. Building links to your website means that you create campaigns that will influence other companies, bloggers, influencers, and more people who publish content on their websites. In simple words, it is like if you’re getting recommendations from other websites. You can also get published on sites like Forbes,, or any other great platforms that usually obtain traffic from search engines, so your name is presented to a wider audience.   Finally, there’s still a fourth strategy that will enhance the perception that customers have about you. According to Search Engine Journal, 92% of young customers trust reviews. Also, the same report mentions that customers look for companies with at least 40 reviews to make a purchase. For instance, if you want to grow your business, you need to start encouraging current customers to leave you a review. But most importantly, you need to start monitoring and managing online reviews as you keep growing your company. online-reputation-management  

Are You Ready to Scale Your Business with Digital Marketing?

Growing your business is a process that requires commitment. In the digital world, you will find many tools and techniques that give results. But, by implementing the strategies discussed in this article, you can scale your business using strategies that work for the short and long-term.     Are you getting the best return out of your digital marketing? Need an extra pair of eyes to review your online game plan? Let our experts take a look at your current state and do a comprehensive digital marketing analysis at no cost to you. Please call us at (800) 379-2829 or contact us today and we will get to work right away.

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