Twitter and YouTube to Play Key Roles in Presidential Debates

Republican debateAs the presidential debates pick up steam and the 2016 election draws near, the American public can hardly contain their excitement about the upcoming debates. Yes, the fever is on, as the most powerful country in the world will have to choose their next president— the most powerful office in the world.

Presidential aspirants from both Democratic and Republican parties will try to impress the voters over the course of several debates covering issues that they hope capture the desire of the people. Determining the issues that the American public feels strongly about is the main factor in this election.

Enter YouTube and Twitter.

The Pulse of the People

Twiter trendIn the social media era, if you want to know popular public opinion, you don’t need to conduct a survey anymore. All you have to do is open your Twitter and YouTube accounts and see what topic is trending. Unlike in the past, the people now have an easy venue to publish their views. Social media is now the venue to know the pulse of the people.

Naturally, politicians will look through the social media to find the issues to bring to the debate arena.  This should keep Presidential candidates up to date on trending issues that are important to the American people.

Alternative Debate Arenas

YouTube politicsAside from the televised debates, the internet is another venue where presidential candidates can continue their arguments. As the internet becomes more intertwined with the daily lives of Americans, it is not surprising that the exchange of ideas and arguments can extend through Twitter and YouTube. Social media is a good platform for debates, because it can reach a wider audience or almost any age and social status.

This is an exciting time for American politics. With the line between conservatives and liberals more solidly drawn, people are turning to social media to explain and defend their beliefs. This means aspiring leaders will have a better venue to find the issues that the people really care about. Digital marketing agencies like eBizUniverse can help leaders create social media campaigns.




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