Visitors Form Long Lasting Impressions of Your Web Design in Milliseconds

Have you ever wondered how long it takes for a website visitor to form an opinion of your website? With short attention spans, the judgement time is getting shorter and shorter. What used to be a few seconds a few years ago has come down to milliseconds now. With the popularity of Mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, Android devides, web has completed its shift into a visual medium.

News centric websites that were once heavy on content (read lots of text) have transformed themselves into visually appealing pictures that take you to articles of interest. The recent re-design of Mashable – the premier tech news outlet – speaks volumes of this shift. When Mashable started years ago, they were like any other newspaper website heavy on content. Today Mashable looks almost like Pinterest – the bulletin board website which is one of the fastest growing websites in the world with a user base that’s 83% women.

As a web design firm, we keep tabs on these changes. Here’s an article that highlights some of these as well as other important factors to think about when you’re considering website design: Go here to read the article



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