Web Design Trends: What 2012 Had to Offer

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Web design fluctuates from year to year as what is “in” changes as new technologies emerge and as fashion, art and need influence the web. From simple artistic changes such as colors and shapes utilized in the overall design to more complex website design developments such as the overall way a website functions for the visitors who come to it. Web design like anything other kind of artistic medium can follow the adage of “beauty in the eye of the beholder”, but what makes up the overall scheme of things and how do those things change as the industry changes?

Web Design Trends that 2012 Had to Offer

The Webdesign Ledger recently compiled a list of the top trends for website design in 2012 that offer a deeper look into what designers, businesses and website visitors are looking for this year and why. Check out the article “Web Design Trends in 2012” to see just what web design trends have shaped the design style of the internet.

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