Web Development Posture: How it Affects Your Website Success

When you think of web development posture… what do you think of? Do you think about the overall aesthetic appeal, the navigation structure, what information is included or what advertisements are added on? If you thought of one of these things you would be right on target. Website development is all about the intricacies of a website design from the placement of advertisements to the way a user navigates the site. It is everything included in the website from conception to creation. And sadly, many people forget about web development posture when they create a web design for a site.

What is Web Development Posture?

In simple terms, web development posture is the overall way that the website is presented to the public and how it is looked upon by the user who visits it. Proper posture, for anybody who didn’t attend social etiquette or classes on manners is all about having your back straight, your chin up and the rest of your body positioned in a way as to present an outward appearance of nobility and refinement. For website development posture, it is all about presenting a polished and refined image to the user so that they form the highest opinion of the site as possible.

How Web Development Affects Your Website Success

No that you know what web development posture is, you can get a better understanding of how it can affect the overall success of your web design. In the article “How Web Posture Affects User Experience”, the concept of web development posture is explored and the ways in which user experience can be affected by it negatively.

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