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As of the latter half of 2014, over 350,000 businesses with a WordPress account have utilized Woocommerce in some fashion to better attract customers to their website.  Woocommerce, which is a free open-source plugin available within WordPress, offers small to medium-sized business the chance to compete with online competitors and big box stores by offering their products online directly.

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Major online retailers (Amazon, eBay, Target, Walmart, etc) have changed the way we shop online.  No longer is it necessary to make a trip to the store, deal with long lines and angry customers for that $5 item.  Today, everything is ordered online.  Question is, are you ecommerce ready?

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eBizUniverse offers a wide variety of Woocommerce consulting services and “done for you” packages that will quickly put your website on the map as an e-commerce merchant.

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Ensure Customers Can Buy Directly When Visiting Your Site

Your website might be your pride and joy, but it isn’t going to do you any good if people can’t order from it! Our Chicago Woocommerce experts will ensure that your website is able to actively accept customers orders and that no information is falling through the cracks.

Think of it this way: if you were to visit a website right now and decide to purchase a product or service being offered, wouldn’t you expect the company to have a working Woocommerce platform to complete the order?

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We often hear from new clients that their decision to come to us was based off word of mouth – they knew someone who used our services and were very pleased with the outcome.  We pride ourselves on being a top Woocommerce company in the Chicago area (and hopefully nationally) helping small to medium-sized businesses achieve their sales goals.

Increase Leads To Higher Sales And Profits!

If the lack of a reliable WordPress e-commerce platform is slowly dragging you down, help is just a phone call away! Let us prepare a free WordPress Woocommerce analysis now that will show you where the problem areas are and how we can help you! There is plenty of web traffic to go around, make sure you get your fair share!

Call (800) 379-2829 and speak to one of our Chicago Woocommerce consultants.

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