WordPress Website Conversions

Surveys are pointing out that more companies are switching to WordPress due to the platform’s ease of use and the ability to change multiple pages in just minutes.  Having the ability to add widgets (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, calendar, etc) in seconds, forms in minutes, and a full e-commerce platform in just hours is more enticing than having to find someone to hand code everything taking days.

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WordPress has changed dramatically since its launch in 2003 allowing small to medium-sized businesses to more quickly publish their products and services online. Want to optimize your site for SEO? With WordPress it is a breeze!

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WordPress Conversion Experts Chicago

Chicago-based eBizUniverse offers a wide variety of WordPress Conversion services and “done for you” packages that will quickly allow you to become an immediate online retailer.

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Make it Easier For Customers to Buy Products and Contact You

Your website might be your pride and joy, but it isn’t going to do you any good if people can’t interact with it! Our Chicago WordPress experts will ensure that your website has all of the necessary elements to keep you fresh.

Think of it this way, when potential customers find your website, would you prefer they see a plain text version with limited or no interaction or a fully converted website filled with images, videos, and more?

Highly Rated Among WordPress Companies Chicago IL

eBizUniverse has been one of the first couple of stops for companies looking to convert their HTML/CSS, Drupal, Hubspot (etc.) website to a WordPress site.  Our team of designers are seasoned in creating the perfect site for you that closely relates to your business. This has cemented our reputation as a leading WordPress conversion company delivering excellent results!

More Interaction Leads To Higher Sales And Profits!

If a lack of web orders is slowly dragging you down, help is just a phone call away! Let us prepare a free website analysis now that will show you where the problem areas are and how we can help you! There is plenty of web traffic to go around, make sure you get your fair share!

Call (800) 379-2829 and speak to one of our Chicago WordPress consultants.

HTML to WordPress Conversion

The platform that is most often converted to WordPress is a basic HTML site. HTML sites are a great way to get started on the web but it does not offer a content management system. So most HTML websites require a programmer to make changes. This is one of the primary reasons why users convert HTML sites to WordPress.

Drupal to WordPress Conversion

Drupal websites are complex and cumbersome. Drupal is a great platform but it is suitable if you are a corporation that has complex workflows. In most cases, creating a website in Drupal isn’t necessary. We convert Drupal into WordPress and we are able to keep the design intact. All that will be changing is the website back-end.

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