Glen Ellyn, IL is a suburb of Chicago located about 12 miles west of the Chicago “loop”. As of the 2010 census 27,400 lived in  Glen Ellyn.

The first person to own land within the village was Deacon Winslow Churchill in 1834. Other families moved into the area built town necessities such as a tavern and school.  Moses Stacy, a soldier in the War of 1812, arrived here in 1835. His inn, Stacy’s Tavern, built in 1846 and his second home. Stacy’s Tavern is now a historical monument and stands at what is now the intersection of Geneva Road and Main Street.

In 1849, a railroad line through Glen Ellyn was completed and the immediate area around the railroad became the center of the town. For many years the railway did not stop within the village as there was not a train station. It was then a man named Lewey Q. Newton made an offer to the railroad company (Newton would build a depot and water tank out of his own pocket if the railroad would require trains to stop there. Later the depot was named Newtown Station.

In 1889 new residents Thomas Hill and Philo Stacy created a new lake (called Lake Glen Ellyn) by having a damn built in a nearby stream. In 1891, Glen Ellyn, became the village’s official name and was incorporated on May 10, 1892.

Today, Glen Ellyn is part of Glenbard Township High School District 87 featuring 16 school locations and is home to the College of DuPage (alumni include legend John Belushi and his brother James Belushi).

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