Skypoint Medical

Skypoint Medical


Target: Chicago and surrounding suburbs

Challenges: When we started with Skypoint Medical, it was a new practice and as with any new medical practice, there was no patient acquisition plans in place. The practice was new so relying on referrals also meant that it would take years to build up the practice.

Solution: We implemented a successful online patient acquisition strategy which resulted in SkypointMed getting ranked highly in Google searches for terms that patients were searching for. The solution involved Healthcare SEO focused on patient generation, video marketing focused on patient education and online PR.

Results: Today SkypointMed is leading practice in Schaumburg and surrounding areas. The practice was so busy, it had to open up multiple locations to accommodate growth. Today the practice has branched into the “Premium Medicine” category providing other services like MedSpa (Botox, Cool Sculpting, Hair Transplants), physical therapy and pain management services. Who knew a successful online strategy can catapult a practice these levels?

Skypoint Med