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Reputation Management Agencies have the power to help individuals, small businesses and corporate entities improve what their prospects and customers see online. The goal is to increase business awareness and profitability through displaying the sites and links you want your audience to see. Online reputation management (ORM) is best handled by professionals especially when there have been negative reviews, articles or similar links online that negatively portray you or your business. Managing your online presence can be tedious, time consuming and might even seem overwhelming but that’s why there are reputation management agencies to help you monitor, manage and increase your online reputation.

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online reputation management

The reputation management agency purpose is to monitor the online reputation of a person(personal reputation management agencies), brand or business, with the goal of promoting trust and suppressing negative mentions or pushing negative articles lower on search engine result pages to decrease their visibility. Online reputation management (ORM) can be successfully executed in 3 steps: monitor, promote and suppress. This process might seem simple but it can be tedious and time consuming. In order to successfully improve an online reputation it is highly encouraged to outsource to a reputable reputation management agency to ensure overall success. Plus, hiring an outside agency allows you to focus on you and your business while the professionals do the heavy lifting of ensuring your audience will see what you want them to see.


Ron D.

Sales Manager at ImageOneUSA

"We’ve been working with Thomas and eBiz for over 7 years, they’ve helped us with our online marketing and getting more leads. Before we were working with them, we weren’t getting any leads in, now I couldn’t even tell you how many we’ve received, let’s just say it’s over 100%. I wouldn’t even consider working with another company, eBiz has been one of the smartest business decisions we’ve ever made and profitable."

Sameer N.


"Awesome SEO and marketing services. I worked with EBIZ in the past, but switched to another company for a trial run. Big Mistake! Sure enough came back to EBIZ and couldn't have made a better decision. Thank you EBIZ team for understanding and supporting me along the way. Awesome support from Matt K and Andrew btw. Matt always follows up and has implemented various ideas to help our offices get busier. Excited for the future. Thanks EBIZ!"

Michael T.

Shareholder at TomlinsonShapiroPC

"I highly recommend Thomas and eBiz. I have been working with Thomas for 2-3 years now. Within the first few months of working with eBiz, my law firm began appearing on the first page of Google in all of the practice areas most important to me. And eBiz has a found a way to keep us there ever since. As a law firm working in several fields that are highly competitive in terms of SEO and search results, I can truly say that I was amazed by the results. Competitors of eBiz are constantly calling me and even they are amazed at the results that have been achieved. EBiz is truly a partner and always looking for new ways to digitally market my firm, whether through social media or otherwise. They are always willing to go the extra mile to foster our relationship. I highly value that input and commitment. I highly recommend eBiz to anyone looking to increase their Google search results or social media presence."

Lise S.

"My SEO, social media and online marketing have been doing OK. Not satisfied with OK, I contacted Thomas for assistance in finding the weak points in our processes. Thomas took the time to fully understand where we were and why we made the marketing choices we were making. At that point, he helped create a plan and process to be implemented that would increase our SEO, raise our social media profile and most importantly, improve our conversion rate. Since then, he has consistently followed up with me (I very much appreciate that he did not leave me hanging!) to verify that we are getting the results we were looking for and that everything was working the way we wanted. I highly recommend Thomas for his professionalism, his knowledge and his amazing customer service."

Brian C.


"I've worked with Andrew and Matt for almost a year now for website updates, weekly Facebook ads, and monthly blogs. Neither of them have let me down yet, and our business has grown in terms of lead generation. I cannot thank them enough."

Tim C.

President ImageOneUSA

"eBiz is great! When we needed an expert opinion we called on Thomas to evaluate several websites. eBiz Universe offered us the information that we needed in the time frame that we required. Next we are going to have them design our new website."

Kevin W.

Internet Director at TheBeddingExperts

"I worked with eBizUniverse when I managed The Bedding Experts' digital marketing and advertising. Thomas and his team were always kind, accommodating, and fair.

If you're looking for a digital marketing partner in Chicago to help you develop a new website, app, SEO strategy, or SEM strategy, then I recommend eBiz as a quality option that is affordable. They are local to the Chicago area with offices in Schaumburg, Illinois."

Kay W.

Director Marketing at Johnson&QuinInc.

"Thomas manages Johnson & Quin's SEO and PPC campaigns. His expertise and guidance has increased the placement of our keywords to page one on Google searches,and many times they are #1 or #2 on the page! He helped us understand the SEO process and continues to refine our program. His company,, eBizUniverse also developed a mobile version of the J&Q website doing it quickly and at a reasonable cost to insure our website was easy to use on mobile devices. I would highly recommend Thomas for SEO programs, as well as web development."

Gayle N.

Managing Director at B2BConsulting&TrainingServices

"eBizUniverse was hired to complete B2B Procurement Service website after another company messed up the job. I spoke with Thomas about the problems with the website and what I wanted the website to do. Within 2 week my website was completed and running correctly."

Salvatore M.

President at ReebieLogisticSolutions

"Thomas and his company have helped my company obtain many opportunities through their innovative ways we here at REEBIE are deeply grateful and it was money well spent."

Junk Remedy

"eBizUniverse is an exceptional service that every small business owner or corporate company should be using. They help companies get their name out on the internet through pay per click campaigns, SEO Optimization, and Social Media outlets. They have helped my company Junk Remedy secure more leads and generate more business!"

Eric R.

Executive, Business Advisor; Principal at ChicagolandMoldDoctors

"I've tried other companies and didn't have much success until I found ebiz. They're the real deal! They cleaned up our SEO and did it the right way and got us to the top."

John & Beth G.

Realtors at JohnGarryTeam

"ebiz built us an amazing new website, people are constantly complimenting our website. Their entire team are energetic and talented! They also help me with blog posts and social media, they have help our online presence greatly! They are very responsive and always coming up with new ideas to help us continue to grow our business online! Thank you so much!!"

Jane T.

Owner/Manager at CostaRicaRios

"We have been working with E-Biz for the last several years for SEO purposes and website recommendations. We continually rank high for our keyword searches and we are happy to recommend them."

Edan G.

Director of Partner Relations at KeyMortgageServices

"As a 20 year marketing veteran, I’ve worked with a lot of companies that claim to be able to provide search engine optimization, social media best practices and deliver first page Google results - but ebiz Universe actually delivers. I’ve worked with eBiz on over 20 different pages for SEO and each time, they delivered first page results. I would absolutely recommend this company to any of my clients, friends or colleagues for content creation, social media, Google and SEO. Thomas and his crew does a great job of understanding what needs to be done and delivering in a timely, efficient and professional manner. They are also a fun bunch and a joy to work with."

Daniel M. C.

Medspa Owner

"I was looking for SEO services after several failed attempts with other online outfits in Chicago. My medspa was already doing well in terms of traffic but wasn't found online. This is why I wanted to venture into digital marketing. I also was looking for a company who could handle everything with minimal input from me. Several other firms I contacted did one thing but didn't do everything and some of them were one man operations. Anyway although out of state, I decided to take the leap and went with eBiz. I have to say I am very pleased so far. I have seen a big uptick in traffic and leads online. SEO has really helped our leads, now we get a consistent flow of leads daily. Social Media activity has picked up. Also, I wanted them to manage my online reputation. They did it ethically and our Online reputation has improved drastically. I will be their client for a long time."

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Don’t Let a Negative Review Ruin You

Positive search results are essential to your overall success. With the professional help of an Online Reputation Management Agency, your positive results will be pushed toward the top of the search engine results while your negative results will be pushed down to other pages or removed entirely. If there are not a lot of links to boost, your group of professionals can create content for you and publish. That newly created content will be displayed across multiple platforms to increase your awareness and push you toward the top of the search results through multiple sites.

There are so many websites that people can choose to leave reviews on, Facebook, Google, Yelp and so many more. Reputation management agencies have the tools and the teams to ensure all platforms are being monitored. By consistently monitoring review sites this allows your team of professionals to catch reviews of you or your business that normally would not have been caught. The timeliness in responding to reviews is essential. Reviews are time sensitive and with multiple sets of eyes monitoring this enables you to have the comfort of knowing if you receive a bad review it will be addressed shortly after it’s posted thus decreasing the number of people who will see or react to it.

The Power in Numbers

Reputation management agencies create and implement successful ORM campaigns for each client. These campaigns consist of unique strategies to remove or push down negative reviews. Agencies have several professionals working on highlighting your online presence which is an effective and efficient way to improve your online reputation and in turn increasing your corporate position, if applicable. Experienced agencies assist in displaying the articles and sites at the top of search engine results that positively convey your business to your target market in a clean and clear way. Professionals are able to create and tell the story you wish to tell your audience. Agencies give you the power to control how you and your business are viewed across the internet.

Online Reputation Management Agency

How Negative Reviews Can Impact Your Bottom Line

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Pick Up Where You Left Off

Online Reputation Management Agencies have a number of services they can offer outside of adding, pushing down or deleting links from showing up in search engine results.


These are some but not all of the services agencies can offer you to boost your online reputation:

  • Preserving your brand
    Your brand is how customers recognize you. Ensure your customers understand what your brand is, what it stands for and what it delivers.
  • Content creation
    Creating topics and ideas through writing or video that are in line with your brand. Creating content across multiple platforms to increase your visibility. Content can be created for blogs, videos, infographics and other platforms that benefit you and your business. For example, if you do not have any video experience but want to dabble in videos, ask your agency to create videos for you.
  • Online monitoring
    Tracking of conversations, keywords, hashtags, comments and reviews that pertain with your business. Monitoring keywords, trends and measuring your ROI is important to see where you stand and even more importantly see where you stand after your ORM campaign has started. You have the ability to monitor and see your online reputation’s progress first hand.
  • Positive reputation promotion
    Provide your audience a reliable product or service. This enables customers to believe in your product or service while increasing business opportunities while attracting more loyal customers. 
  • Social media monitoring
    Gather information/collect data and details that are important to you and your business. Monitor what people are saying about you while measuring where you stand in your industry while giving you ideas as to what to do next across your platforms. 

These are a few of the additional services Online Reputation Management Agencies can do to help you increase, improve or implement your online visibility. Overall awareness and improving your online reputation is the overall goal which can be accomplished through a number services. The ways in which you and your business can be boosted is exponential. 

Leave it to the Professionals

eBizUniverse is one of the leading Online Reputation Management Agencies (ORM Agency) with 13 years of successful execution in repairing individuals and companies online reputations. Our reputation management agency consists of experts that create and perform rewarding campaigns to increase positive visibility while decreasing the negative aspects online. Don’t fret over a negative review, it won’t break you if you have a professional address the problems you’re experiencing with your online reputation.

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