Google Analytics Optimzation and Implementation Services

Are you struggling to convert your website traffic into paying customers? You’re not alone. Thousands of websites attract visitors but they’re unable to convert visitors into paying customers. Google Analytics gives you data that gives you details on you what your website visitor is doing once they land on your website. Figuring out Google Analytics can be challenging for you if you’re not experienced in it.

Analyzing your website traffic data provides a wealth of information related to your potential customers and their behavior. Drilling down into your Analytics data can provide valuable and actionable insights that if implemented can make a significant impact on your bottom line. After analyzing and acting based on analytics data, we showed a potential customer (now our customer) how he can increase his revenue by at least 15% a month. This Chicago based retailer took action based on his Google Analytics results and increased approx. $8000/mo in revenue!

Google Analytics Services provided by eBizUniverse

I. Google Analytics Audit

We’re experts in Google Anlaytics and we review your account to see if it is set up correctly and prepare a detailed report with instructions on how to maximize your ROI. Submit form on right to schedule an Audit today!

II. Google Analytics Installation and Setup

Proper Implementation and setup of Anlaytics is critical in accurate measurement of your website’s traffic. While tracking can be easy to setup, proper installation takes time and the work of a seasoned expert. eBizUniverse can help you with proper setup and installation of Google Analytics for your website. Submit form on right to schedule a consultation today!

III. Google Analytics Consulting Services

Google Analytics Consulting from eBizUniverse helps you properly integrate tracking, analyze data to discover potential opportunities and helps increase your ROI. Our consultants will help you get the best out of your website traffic and unearth errors in your current analytics implementation (if you have analytics installed already) helping you meet your marketing goals.

Call eBizUniverse at 1-800-379-2829, submit the form to the right or send an email to [email protected] for more information on our Google Analytics Optimization, Implementation and Analytics Consulting services.