Is your website loading slowly? Tired of losing customers due to a slow loading website? Stop the frustration today and increase the performance of your site! Even with very minimal optimization, the difference can be quite significant, so it is vital that you keep your website optimized for maximum performance.

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What is website speed and performance optimization?

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Website performance optimization is the process of decreasing the load times of a website so your website can load quicker.

Why Page Speed Matters

Website page speedCompanies like Amazon and Google are obsessed with speed. Amazon reported a drop in traffic and revenue due to a fraction-of-a-second load delay. Yes you read that right: A fraction-of-a-second delay! I guess we got used to everything instant.

Speed of your site affects pretty much every metric out there. If you care about Search Rankings, Conversion, User Experience, Page Views, Adwords Quality Score and even Revenue.

So in other words, a fast loading website = more money in your pocket.

Why is my website running slow?

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There are many reasons why a website can be running slow. Most of the time, the issue can’t be seen without diving into the code.

Another reason why a website is slow could be the elements that make up the site. Do you have a lot of bloated images or videos on the site? Is your CSS coded correctly? What about keep-alive? Do you have a lot of forms on your site? Some of these might look great on your site, but for the end-user, the elements may prevent your website from loading faster preventing visitors from having a great user experience.


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For professional help to speed up your website, contact us today or call us at 1-800-379-2829

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Find out page speed of your website

Google Developers speed test

Page Speed can give you insights on how long it takes from the moment a user requests a new page to when the content actually shows up. It can also tell you how long a website visitor has to wait for a page to fully appear in a browser.

Check your Page Speed scores now, go here and enter your website address.

How can I speed up my site?

Web developer optimizing a site

A highly skilled web developer will be able to do a full-site evaluation and find the hidden codes which cause a lag to occur during page load. Once an evaluation is done they will be able to determine which codes need to be removed (without affecting the site) and which can be modified. Depending on the age of the site, there could also be code that is outdated and not recognized by current version of the browser.

Included in the evaluation will also be elements causing a slow load time. These can include images and videos embedded.

Often times an image is uploaded to a site are not sized correctly. This can cause the web browser to have to resize them prior to showing you the page you’re requesting. In this case, the image will need to be resized for the site and re-uploaded to the site.

FREE Speed Analysis Of Your Website

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If you are in search of the a website speed consultant, then contact us as our speed experts have optimized thousands of websites with their expertise. You can rest assured that your website will be much faster than what it is right now.  Our website speed experts will give you a detailed work plan and show you before and after screenshots once work is complete. All the work done will be detailed in the work sheet graphically – this is something that sets our experts apart from others out there.

Website Speed Consultant | WordPress Website Speed Optimization by Website Speed Optimization Company eBizUniverse

eBizUniverse has highly trained staff in website speed optimization and will be able to assist you from initial consult to final optimized product in a professional and timely manner. Although we primarily work with WordPress website speed optimization, our experts are also skilled in PHP, HTML and other websites as well. If you have an eCommerce website running on WordPress, our wordpress website speed experts are highly skilled in Woocommerce Website Speed Optimization as well. You will be working with some of the most highly trained specialists in the industry leaving you with the best results possible, projecting you further into the realm of online marketing. Get in touch with us by submitting the form today for a free analysis.

For professional help to speed up your website, contact us today or call us at 1-800-379-2829

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