Lombard, IL is a suburb in the state of Illinois located about 22 miles west of Chicago’s ‘loop’. As of the 2010 census 43,400 people lived within the city limits.

Lombard was originally part of Potawatomi Indian lands in the 1830s. Lombard shares its early history with Glen Ellyn; Lombard developed to the east and Glen Ellyn to west.  Fertile land, the DuPage River, and plentiful timber drew farmers to the area.

Lombard is famous for the first woman voter in Illinois. On April 6 1891, Ellen Martin led a group of women to the voting place at the general store. She demanded that the three male election judges allow the women to vote. The judges did not want to let the women vote, so a county judge was asked to decide. He agreed and Ellen Martin then became the first woman in Illinois to vote.

Lombard is also known for an annual Lilac Festival (since 1930) and parade in May. “Lilac Time in Lombard,” is a 16-day festival ending in mid-May.  Notable people from Lombard include: Morris the Cat, feline actor, star of commercials for 9Lives cat food and Jody Gerut, former Major League Baseball player, among others.

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