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Chicago Broadcast Media Agency eBizUniverse Helps Firms Archive, Track, and Revise Digital Content.

Chicago Media Monitoring Services

Want to reach and inspire a large audience? Well, you’ve come to the right place! To influence people you need to first understand the medium through which news is being transferred.  We promise to provide you with the best broadcast data, tools and services so that you can comprehend exactly what your audience is viewing or listening to.

Media monitoring services contain several subjects; whether its broadcast TV monitoring or clipping, audio monitoring and clipping, internet and social media monitoring, print monitoring and clipping, power search, executive briefings, or media analysis our service has the ability to collect and index maximum broadcast information. Through our website, we are ready to provide you this information in the form you require.  Our only mission is to ensure that you focus on your audience while we handle trivialities such as the monitoring for you.

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Broadcast TV News Monitoring and Clipping


Chicago Media Monitoring Services

Major news stations have the potential to influence the audiences within their market.  It is important to understand how and when the message was delivered so that you can better engage your audience.  Oftentimes the audio or video provided on a station’s website is different than what was shown or heard in the broadcast.

eBizUniverse has the ability to capture and index broadcast information from dozens of domestic stations. Using our proprietary network, this information is provided to you when and how you need it.  If you prefer a digital copy of the report or an easy platform with the ability to manage and archive your media then eBizUniverse is your only stop.

Need archiving or clipping services?  No problem!  We have a wide selection of archived content ready to view when you are, and a program allowing you to capture only the content you want.

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Radio Monitoring


Radio broadcast

Comprehending how local radio stations influence its market is now possible. With eBizUniverse’s sevice, you are now able to see and hear how radio influences and engages with your audience by digitally tracking and analyzing radio broadcasts in real-time.

By using advancing technology, the broadcast monitoring experts at eBizUniverse provide you with transcript text and audio (when available) from radio broadcasts in over fifty domestic markets.  You are able to search, clip and receive alerts in from radio programs that are important to you.

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Internet and Social Media Monitoring

Social media platforms

In today’s world, social media is everything.  You have Facebook offering updates on friends and family, Twitter keeping you up-to-date with domestic and international news, YouTube providing thousands of hours of how-to videos, Instagram contributing short ten second videos suitable for product marketing or teens goofing off, and Pinterest supplying millions of ideas.

But how do you keep track of everything?  Your audience is constantly connected to their virtual profiles keeping up to date with the world.  It is important to understand what is driving that discussion so that you can engage better.  eBizUniverse gets this and provides you with the tools to monitor and analyze social media trends as they happen.

By using the services offered by eBizUniverse, this information is provided to you how you need it.  Our online system allows you to log in whenever needed to retrieve your analytical information with the ability to manage, report and archive your media.

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Print Monitoring and Clipping

Newspaper print

Did you know newspaper’s are still alive and kicking?

Traditional print as they call it is most often the originating source of online and broadcast news you see.  It is important to understand how the original unedited message was delivered so that you can engage better with your audience.  Being able to see how the original article that was printed in a newspaper, journal or national publication is important to that understanding. eBizUniverse understands this and provides full article scans along with the metrics, service, tools and print data set so you know exactly what your audience is seeing.

Article information is then provided to you how you need it.  Our archived content i available online, but if you prefer emailed reporting or an easy to use platform with the ability to manage, report and archive your clippings then eBizUniverse gives you the flexibility you need.

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Power Search

Video Marketing

eBizUniverse is happy to introduce a brand new program called power search.

Power search is our new video on-demand portal giving you full access to the TV, cable and radio news available in your area previously recorded by eBizUniverse.

Whether you are looking for news that just aired or want to find an archived news story that appeared several years ago, power search provides the video, text, radio audio and reporting you need.

Power search provides you the ability to conduct full keyword text searches so that you can quickly see the news that you need while also giving you the ability to drill down to review an individual broadcast.

In addition, power search maintains full preview video and editing capabilities for a minimum of 60 days after its original air-date for all broadcast news.  This is double or more the length of availability of most other marketplace solutions.  Choose eBizUniverse today for your power search needs!

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Executive Briefings

Daily briefing

Today’s media moves fast.  Just watch a Twitter feed for an hour – how many news stories popped up?

Reviewing the news that impacts your preferred niche without losing valuable time can be a challenge.  eBizUniverse offers an executive briefing each day giving you the ability to save valuable time during your work week. Daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly reports can be set up with information from all media types that highlight the most important news about your organization, competitors and industry. Reports come in an easy-to-read format written by professionals and designed for email or mobile reading, with links and video provide you the important overview of only the news coverage that you need to know.

Not sure if our executive briefing is right for you?  Try our service free for 30 days and let us know what you think!

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Media Analysis

News media

Now that you’ve spent weeks gathering your preferred coverage, its time to determine what this means to your ROI (return on investment).

You used eBizUniverse for your media monitoring.  Great!  You know that you have all of your placements. its time for eBizUniverse to do their heavy lifting for you.  eBizUniverse provides you the metrics you need to understand your impact including:

  • Broadcast Metrics: Nielsen Media audience estimates; 30-second ad rates and PR values
  • Internet Metrics: word count, traffic rank, reach rank, reach per million, page views rank, page views per million, page views per user.
  • Print Metrics:  frequency, circulation, clip size and ad rate

The newly redesigned eBizUniverse portal provides a variety of up to the minute charts and graphs which help you understand market coverage, campaign activity, audience reach and  global reach.

Call 847.220.9541 or email us to discuss your media monitoring services needs and how we can help.

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