Glenview, IL is village in the state of Illinois located about 14 miles north of Chicago’s ‘loop’. As of the 2010 census 50,700  lived within the city limits.

Northfield Township was originally known as the town of Northfield with several different names for various areas within the community. This caused many problems for the local Post Office and they demanded that an official name be selected. Various names were suggested such as Rugenville, Glenvarr, Glendale, Glengrove, Glen Hollow, Oak View, and Glenview. The name Glenview won the majority vote on May 7, 1895 and the village was incorporated in 1899.

Within Glenview are three attractions: “The Park” – located near the center of Glenview, just south of the Glen development is the oldest neighborhood.  The Naval Air Station Glenview was a major facility in Glenview for many years. It was the host for a number of squadrons, including the Coast Guard Air/Sea rescue helicopter service and a squadron of P-3 Orions which had the mission of East Coast antisubmarine warfare.   In 1995, the base was closed and the land deeded back to Glenview by the U.S. Department of Defense. A re-design of the area was created and the 1,121 acre development was named “The Glen” in 1999 (it comprises approximately 15% of the area of Glenview).

Today, Glenview contains a lake, soccer fields, walking and biking trails, two golf courses, Kohl Children’s Museum, the Glenview Park District Park Center, Attea Middle School, and the Glen/North Glenview commuter train station.

Some of the largest employers within the village are Kraft Foods, Abt Electronics, and Glenbrook Hospital.

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