How to Create the Best School Websites

What makes one school web design stand out from among other school websites? Only when the website focuses on the school’s aims and objective and showcases the best talents the school is nurturing, then the web design is successful. Now eBizUniverse, master at understanding educational institution needs, is going to do just that.
A good web design for a school will have:

  • Attractive and attention-grabbing layout.
  • Easy and clear-cut navigation.
  • Simple, user-friendly and easy access to all content.
  • Additional features like Flash animation, interactive tours, video streams etc.
  • Clear, concise and fresh text content.
  • Quick site download time.
  • Comfortable viewing.

Why Websites are Essential for Schools

Now that the world is just a click away, the importance of a website for the school cannot be overemphasized. Information technology will make communication easy and open up the school to the entire world.

  • It will bring better communication between the school staff, parents, teachers and students.
  • The parents can be better informed about the education, sports, extracurricular activities, term projects and upcoming tests etc.
  • The parents will be more involved and there will be more interaction between the teachers and parents.
  • They can interact with other parents more frequently and easily – just a click away.
  • The school can reach out to more people via a website, becoming more visible and hence can attract more meritorious students.
  • Recruitment of staff, request for financial aids etc are easier through a website.

How a School Website Design will look like:

The website will be designed so that the visitors will be able to get exactly what they have been looking for. The website will be providing information:

  • About the school – All the information like history, aim and objective, board of trustees, and contact information will be available.
  • Admission procedures – All information for any parent seeking new admission for a child.
  • Academics offered – All details about the syllabus and staff, exam schedules etc.
  • Student section – Event Calendar –All about the various sports, cultural and other activities daily/weekly/monthly.
  • Photo gallery – Bringing to life things like any exhibitions, music programs etc.
  • School newsletter – All about what is happening on a day-to-day basis.
  • Interactive electronic forums – Where teachers, parents and students can communicate with each other.
  • Instant notification – Parents and students will instantly be able to see important updates such as school closings.

A school website designed by a world-class web design company like eBizUniverse is a great way to showcase salient features and merits of the school. With the school and the parents forming the two banks, a school website will be the best bridge bringing the parents closer to their children as well as to the school.