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eBizUniverse is one of the leading Online Reputation Management expert agencies in the Chicagoland area. The team at eBizUniverse has a strong reputation with creating, building, fixing and managing online reputations for both individual professionals and organizations around the Chicagoland area and across the country. 

The best way to manage online reputations are with the help and guidance of online reputation experts. The internet has what seems like endless websites and those websites are what need to be monitored so your reputation is not tarnished and you are being displayed to the world in the best possible way. Online reputation management experts control how people in your community, family and professional world see you.

online reputation management results
online reputation management

Are you looking for a new job or looking for a promotion at your current job?

Your positive online reputation will help you achieve the goals you want to pursue. Hiring managers, team members, human resource personnel, clients, management, stakeholders, prospects and owners often use search engines to dig a little deeper before filling a position. Do not let a bad comment, negative review or less than desirable article, image or press release hinder your professional abilities. 

Google Yourself

Do you see yourself on the first page? 

Do you have to click to the next page or maybe even the third page of results to find yourself?

Take a second to think when the last time was you clicked through to the second or third page when you were searching something. Not a lot of people want to take the extra time or extra steps to click through to the following pages of search engine results. The higher you rank in search results with positive links being seen the more your audience will trust you and your brand and ultimately increase your reputation, customers and overall profit.

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Sameer N.


"Awesome SEO and marketing services. I worked with EBIZ in the past, but switched to another company for a trial run. Big Mistake! Sure enough came back to EBIZ and couldn't have made a better decision. Thank you EBIZ team for understanding and supporting me along the way. Awesome support from Matt K and Andrew btw. Matt always follows up and has implemented various ideas to help our offices get busier. Excited for the future. Thanks EBIZ!"

Kevin W.

Internet Director at TheBeddingExperts

"I worked with eBizUniverse when I managed The Bedding Experts' digital marketing and advertising. Thomas and his team were always kind, accommodating, and fair.

If you're looking for a digital marketing partner in Chicago to help you develop a new website, app, SEO strategy, or SEM strategy, then I recommend eBiz as a quality option that is affordable. They are local to the Chicago area with offices in Schaumburg, Illinois."

John & Beth G.

Realtors at JohnGarryTeam

"ebiz built us an amazing new website, people are constantly complimenting our website. Their entire team are energetic and talented! They also help me with blog posts and social media, they have help our online presence greatly! They are very responsive and always coming up with new ideas to help us continue to grow our business online! Thank you so much!!"

Jane T.

Owner/Manager at CostaRicaRios

"We have been working with E-Biz for the last several years for SEO purposes and website recommendations. We continually rank high for our keyword searches and we are happy to recommend them."

Brian C.


"I've worked with Andrew and Matt for almost a year now for website updates, weekly Facebook ads, and monthly blogs. Neither of them have let me down yet, and our business has grown in terms of lead generation. I cannot thank them enough."

Gayle N.

Managing Director at B2BConsulting&TrainingServices

"eBizUniverse was hired to complete B2B Procurement Service website after another company messed up the job. I spoke with Thomas about the problems with the website and what I wanted the website to do. Within 2 week my website was completed and running correctly."

Kay W.

Director Marketing at Johnson&QuinInc.

"Thomas manages Johnson & Quin's SEO and PPC campaigns. His expertise and guidance has increased the placement of our keywords to page one on Google searches,and many times they are #1 or #2 on the page! He helped us understand the SEO process and continues to refine our program. His company,, eBizUniverse also developed a mobile version of the J&Q website doing it quickly and at a reasonable cost to insure our website was easy to use on mobile devices. I would highly recommend Thomas for SEO programs, as well as web development."

If there is not a lot on the internet about you (this is especially pertinent to new companies), online reputation experts create content you want your audience to see and broadcast it across multiple platforms. Reputation management experts have the power to strategically build your reputation from the very beginning. This process can be time consuming, by creating online profiles including social media platforms and creating content that is keyword heavy and the correct length so searchers have a better chance of finding you. This is also often known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Online reputation experts go above and beyond what the average Joe does to boost your online presence. This is done by digging into keyword research, page views and a number of other ways to collect important data which is then used to plan and manage the steps that need to be taken to improve your overall online reputation. 

Online Reputation Management Expert

Do you see any links on the first page you wish were not there?

Reputation management experts control what your audience sees and ensures you are being viewed as best as possible because your reputation matters. Your online reputation expert will take the time and put in the effort to push down any links that are less than desirable or are bad press for you. This often takes a bit of time to get those negative search results to be pushed down and to another page. But this process is expedited when you pair with online reputation repair experts.

Your reputation management expert will monitor websites, articles, images, social media and a number of other internet sources for you. This ensures your reputation is constantly and consistently monitored. The overseeing of online reputation will help protect your name and brand along with protect you from future incidents that may tarnish your reputation. Online reputation repair experts work with you to ensure search results are showing you how you want to be seen.

How Negative Reviews Can Impact Your Bottom Line

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Your online reputation management expert will ideally adapt to the ever changing ways Google and other search engines crawl the internet and rank your articles. The ways search engine results are displayed are through algorithms that are frequently being changed and updated for optimal online performance. Online reputation management experts have the tools, software and knowledge to ensure the latest and greatest techniques are being utilized to ensure your reputation is being protected and being displayed as best as possible. 


Your Reputation Matters NOW

Do not wait to fix your reputation until it is too late. It is important to take the much needed and precautionary steps now to ensure your online reputation is where you want it to be and that it stays like that. This is to benefit you, your business, your audience and your future. The internet is a large place and people often use websites that you might not check regularly or might not even know about. Do not let a bad comment or negative review you do not know about ruin your reputation. Leave it to the experts to manage your online reputation while you focus on being you and building both your brand and your business. 

Your Online Reputation Expert

eBizUniverse has over 13 years experience in helping professionals and organizations build, repair and protect their online reputations. Our reputation management agency consists of experts that create and perform rewarding campaigns to increase positive visibility while decreasing your negative online aspects. eBizUniverse takes pride in being a successful reputation management expert and we look forward to helping you be your best online.

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