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Most business owners and individuals fail to comprehend the importance of online reputation management (ORM). They fail to understand the ways in which poor online reputation affects their sales numbers. Neglecting your online reputation can really affect your bottom line and even tank your business in some cases.

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What is Online Reputation Management?

The practice of monitoring the Internet reputation of a person (personal reputation management expert), brand or business by an online reputation expert, with the goal of promoting trust and suppressing negative mentions entirely, or pushing them lower on search engine results pages to decrease their visibility. Specifically, Reputation Management involves 3 steps:

According to research, companies with severe online reputation issues had 7 out of 10 negative Google results. Think about the negative impact this has on their sales. This caused them to lose up to $2 million a year in sales. This is how bad online reputation management can impact your business.

How does online reputation repair work?

Not to jump into technicalities, but here is a general overview of how this works. In a nutshell you want to own the first page of Google and other search engines when someone searches your brand name (if you are a business) or your name (if you are an individual). Search engines have certain checks for quality, freshness, variety and reliability. The information that is high quality, new and trusted gets quicker traction. For example, Wikipedia articles almost always rank first when you Google something. This is because Google considers Wikipedia to be a website with high authority and trust.

So when ORM is executed correctly, you can control your online reputation and push down (or remove it entirely in some cases) the negative search results to the 2nd or 3rd page or further down.

The first page of search results should ideally be left with positive mentions of your brand and other factors like your website, social media accounts (the ones that have good reviews) and other positive mentions of your brand. A single mention of negative mention can sow the seeds of doubt regarding your credibility in a potential customer’s mind.

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Online Reputation Repair Experts That Can Get The Job Done

If you’re serious about your reputation and if you want to prevent loss of business due to the negative mentions, you need an online reputation management expert to have your reputation repaired regardless of if you are a person or a company. You probably noticed something regarding your online reputation when you Googled your company name or your individual name and that could be what got you to this website. Regardless of what happened, today a business or an individual will need to pay special attention to online reputation. If you are a business, a negative reputation is probably costing you tens of thousands of dollars in lost business. If you’re an individual a less than stellar online reputation can make it harder for you to find a job. This is why as one of the nation’s leading online reputation repair companies, eBizUniverse has a team of content writers, SEO experts and online reputation management experts who work hand in hand to push down your negative mentions and to give you a fresh online reputation regardless of if you’re a business or an individual.

Corporate Reputation Management Services & Reputation Repair For Businesses – Rebuilding Company Reputation

Businesses need to maintain a stellar online reputation on a regular basis. This will help them retain customers and add new ones. If a corporate entity’s reputation is less than stellar, that’s an opportunity for competitors to steal business away. A damaged corporate reputation can be repaired and restored by our corporate reputation experts.

When it comes to high-quality online reputation repair service, there are 2 methods but both of them involves the first page of search engines. When someone looks up your business or brand name, the first page of Google should ideally have positive mentions regarding your business. The negative information should be pushed down to 2nd page and beyond. The second option is to entirely delete them from search engine results.

These are some of the sites that impact a business’ reputation:  YELP, Pissedoff Consumer, Facebook Reviews, BBB, Google Reviews, Ripoff Report, Glassdoor, law360, news related sites, lawsuit reporting sites, third party blogs, websites that were created about you, prior bankruptcy cases and several other sites. So the strategy to rebuild your company reputation involves either removal of these negative mentions or pushing down these to the 2nd page and beyond. Most people do not go past the first page and that’s why it is really critical to “own” the first page results for your brand or business name. Repairing a damaged reputation is certainly possible if you take pro-active steps but ignoring a damaged reputation and hoping it will go away is the worst strategy if you’re serious about your online reputation. Reputation Recovery takes more time and effort the longer you wait.

How Negative Reviews Can Impact Your Bottom Line

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Reputation Repair for Individuals – Rebuilding Your Life After Reputation Damage

Individuals have much to lose when it comes to a bad reputation – Especially if you’re higher up in management or a C-level executive, it is important that you maintain an impeccable reputation. A company looking to hire someone if they’re of some worth is going to “Google” your name before they do any background check. This is the first step the recruiter is going to perform. Several individuals we have helped have said that it was difficult for them to find a job with a bad reputation. In one example a C-level executive was entangled in a lawsuit over Intellectual Property (IP) where his former CEO  accused him of stealing trade secrets when he left his former company and joined a rival organization. He was later fired from that corporate job because the company that hired him didn’t want to deal with a problem executive in their hands although it wasn’t his fault. He ended up being cleared of the lawsuit eventually but these lawsuits ended up being published on law and business related websites like law360, news websites, court related government websites, etc. Our online reputation repair experts were able to successfully devise a high-quality online reputation repair service strategy that cleared the front page of Google from all negative results. Within a couple of months after his name being “all clear” on the first page of Google, he was able to find another job as president of another firm. So if you’re an individual, the last thing you want to do is ignore your online reputation. You want to pay special attention to it. It does not only apply to jobs – think about this – if you have kids, they could be looking you up on Google. Same thing goes if you have a child who is going to get married and suddenly you are being looked up by the in-laws. Simply put, today having a great online reputation is highly critical.

How can we help you?

When it comes to ORM, every client is different, therefore a cookie-cutter one size fits all approach rarely works. This is what most companies that claim to offer ORM corporate reputation management experts offer. Our approach is a result oriented custom approach. The first step therefore is an assessment of your online brand. Our team assesses your current online state and damage done to your brand or your individual name. Then our online reputation repair experts come up with a strategy to boost your online reputation. We outline this strategy and share this with you. Our online reputation repair company moves forward step by step to provide you quality results. We share the results bi-weekly with detailed reports of what was done. You will then see how your brand’s positive mentions are moving up to the first page of Google and other search engines thereby burying negative mentions of your brand. This is why we are different from other Online Reputation Management Companies out there. They use a one size fits all approach and that works only in about 30% of the cases. Our online reputation repair services are custom designed with your success in mind so you wont have to redo it again. Believe it or not, about half of the online reputation repair work we do is fixing bad jobs done by other ORM online corporate reputation management companies.

You may think that outranking trusted properties like a news site, government site or famous blogging sites or common negative review destinations, is an impossible task. We have successfully pushed down and eliminated these entirely in several cases. It is only a matter of evaluating the damage, designing a strategy, and implementing it.

A quick look at our strategy: We use custom websites, online business boards, social media branding and posts, virtual business cards, blog posts, press releases, content marketing, video and image marketing, in order to get out more positive information and feedback about your brand. Something that makes us stand out from the competition is our extensive expertise in Social Media and how we use that to your advantage to create a powerful online brand for your business or your individual name. Since each plan is custom we also use other trusted sources to turn the odds in your favor.

Why are we qualified for this?

We are a team of online reputation experts, with a proven track record of successes. We have helped dozens of companies find their way back up to positive positioning when damage was done. We have worked with clients who have had significant negative mentions where we managed to push down everything to the 2nd and 3rd page on Google. We have worked with businesses looking to build their brand online to boost sales as well as individuals looking to get hired and find their Google results aren’t pretty. We will erase your bad reputation and provide you a fresh identity with trustworthy content and good feedback. This will help you obtain a great online reputation.

With all that said, there is little left to the imagination on how a good online reputation is vital for a business and its growth. We are the online reputation experts at work for online reputation management services. Hire us today, and watch us give your business’s fate a turn on a new chapter of success.

Why hire an Online reputation management agency or reputation management consultant?

Your online reputation is more than just a reputation and as discussed above puts your company or yourself (if you’re a person with bad reputation) at a serious disadvantage. Unless you’re pro-active about fixing your reputation, the damage is sure to remain. You maybe hoping and praying that it will go away and disappear on its own but unfortunately that’s not how the internet works. Once something is on the internet, it is pretty much forever unless you take steps to remove it. A Reputation Management Agency with the correct expertise can come up with an ORM strategy that will clear your online reputation within a specified time frame. These days, several SEO companies have popped up saying they can help with ORM online reputation consultant services. But what they don’t realize is that ORM requires a completely different approach compared to SEO. The reputation management experts at eBizUniverse uses a proprietary process to push down and remove negative mentions from search results in the shortest possible time. Our online reputation management consultants understand how painful it is and they get to work right away to get your reputation back on track like no other online reputation management consultant. As a leading Online Reputation Management Agency (ORM agency), we have been in business for 12 years working on ORM cases for corporate entities, small businesses and individuals. Our ORM corporate reputation management consulting services have appeared in leading online publications. An eBizUniverse online reputation management consultant will work closely with you to craft a winning ORM strategy to fix your reputation. Our world renowned online reputation management consultants are sought after by the legal community to serve as online reputation management expert witnesses in several cases where they were able to prove the extent of reputation damage which resulted in multi-million dollar awards.

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What does a reputation manager do?

Reputation Managers work with both individuals and organizations to ensure online reputations are at their best across the internet including search engine results and social media. They are responsible for all aspects of managing your online presence which include maintaining, promoting, building and recovering your reputation. Their overall goal is to ensure your online reputation is positive and in line with your brand to ensure your success.

How do you manage brand reputation?

Managing your brand reputation has several key components including: producing content, managing customer satisfaction and experience including quality customer support, managing reviews and responding with a personalized non-generic response, keeping your employees happy, monitoring your brand, increasing appropriate customer engagement through social media and sharing customer experiences and testimonials. Working with a brand reputation management specialist is the best way to manage your brand reputation.

How do I manage online reputation?

Managing your brand and reputation across the web starts with an audit of your reputation by opening an incognito window and searching for your brand name through a search engine such as Google. What sites appear on the first page of results? If you use Google to search, look to the right and see what the Google My Business ratings, comments, reviews and photos are. Read through the reviews and ensure you address customer reviews in a professional and personal manner. Check your social media, these accounts you can manage on your own and in a timely manner. If there are pages that pop up that show you negatively you can reach out to the site owner to see if they can remove it.

How do I fix my online reputation?

Start a blog if you haven’t already. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), keywords and phrases within informative content matter. By creating positive content this will help you rank higher while pushing down negative results to the second page. Inappropriate and defaming content on Google? Contact them and ask them to remove it. Claim your pages: Google My Business, Facebook Business page and Yelp. Enable alerts to notify you of page activity, so you can monitor appropriately and timely. Encourage reviews and ratings and make sure to monitor them!

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