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Looking for a Digital Marketing Keynote Speaker?

Almost all digital marketing speakers are bad at what they do.

Most of them are inexperienced and only provide repetitive and outdated information when it comes to internet marketing. They awkwardly get up your stage, bore your attendees to death, and then disappear. All of that will drastically hurt your hard earned credibility. People attending your digital marketing keynote will talk about it and even possibly leave reviews — which is a crucial aspect to keep in mind if you want your event to have any further success in the future.

That’s why you want your internet keynote speakers to provide quality advice, explore trending topics, and engage your audience in fruitful discussions during their speech.

Internet keynote speaking is the art of taking an audience on a journey to discover new areas of internet marketing. A great digital marketing keynote speaker must have long years of experience, which would allow him to deliver value in an uncomplicated and compelling language. That way, he gets to keep everyone in the room hooked in and waiting for the next word to come out. He has to deliver an audience-centered speaking experience that engages the attendees, keeps their eyes open, and enhances their curiosity to keep their questions coming.

Among the skills an internet marketing speaker must possess, excellent presentation delivery is the most important one; then comes supporting the talk with facts, statistics, and figures to show the authenticity and validity of the knowledge provided. That way, they will provide quality information and leave a positive impact on those attending your conference.

That’s why Digital Marketing Keynote Speaker Thomas B. Varghese is precisely what you’re looking for.

Who is Keynote Speaker Thomas B. Varghese?

Digital marketing speaker Thomas B. Varghese is the CEO and founder of — eBizUniverse — an award-winning digital marketing agency based in Chicago. His business helps different kinds of companies take their online presence to the next level through better internet marketing strategies.

eBizUniverse provides effective lead generation solutions for businesses; that includes SEO, Social Media Marketing, Website Design and Development, Media Planning and Buying, and more. It has hundreds of happy customers, and its work is recognized by leading parties in the industry as top-notch service.

Online Reputation Expert Witness | Online Reputation Speaker Thomas B Varghese Digital Marketing Speakers

Thomas’s Experience as a Digital Marketer

Thomas is considered a leading expert in digital marketing by many experts in the industry. He was awarded the digital marketing professional of the year in 2017 by US Congressman Danny K. Davis as a recognition for the remarkable work he did as a digital marketer in the past.

Internet Expert Witness Digital Marketing Speakers

He was awarded the digital marketing professional of the year by US Congressman Danny K. Davis as a recognition for the remarkable work he did as a digital marketer in the past.

As an SEO Expert Witness, Thomas can simplify difficult technical internet marketing concepts and make them understandable to anyone with no expertise. He’s known for providing reasonable and on point answers during trials, while also justifying his views and opinions under cross-examinations.
He has a long 17 years experience in business, IT, and digital marketing — which is something a lot of marketers out there still strive for. His competence allows him to deliver outstanding talks and speeches whenever he is called for in an event. With his vast knowledge on a multitude of topics around SEO and digital marketing, Thomas helps businesses grow online and attract more customers. He knows everything from website design and development to lead generation and customer acquisition.

With great passion and love to what he does, he can identify problems, come up with fixes, provide strategies, and help to implement the solutions. In addition to that, his advice and explanation are non-technical and beginner friendly, which makes them easy to understand and apply by anyone who’s willing to learn.

Here are some recent cases where Thomas’s expertise as an Internet Expert Witness was put into practice:

Every year, Mr. Thomas is invited to dozens of radio shows, podcasts, seminars, and webinars to speak and share his insight on the latest trends and tools in the internet marketing industry.

For example, he recently made an appearance at AM1160-HopeForYourLife Radio to talk about the importance of online reviews in developing a successful marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Expert Witness Digital Marketing Speakers

Through that, he’s helping hundreds of business owners achieve growth online and attain the results they seek with little to no difficulties.

Thomas has written and published tens of articles on Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Productivity, Business Growth, and more. That’s why his opinion is highly valued by other experts in the industry. For instance, he has been quoted multiple times and mentioned by popular media outlets — such as CBS and NBC — for social media marketing related stories.

On top of that, Thomas provides consulting services for his client to help them come up with winning internet marketing strategies. His role is manifested in the transition of companies from the offline world into having a remarkable online presence. Not so long ago, Mr. Thomas worked as an advisor for Big 4 Consulting Firms and various fortune 500 companies. He helped them with matters related to information technology solutions and strategies.

All of that can only prove the quality of the work he does as a digital marketer, consultant, and Digital Marketing Keynote speaker.

Thomas’s experience speaking at Keynotes

Thomas is a top-rated internet speaker and SEO keynote speaker. He’s known in his field for his confidence, impactful personality, and astonishing fluency when giving speeches. He delivers digital marketing presentations at keynotes on internet marketing, content optimization, SEO, and other tips and tricks that a business needs to thrive online.

Mr. Thomas has given dozens of talks throughout his career as an internet keynote speaker. A lot of companies and organizations invite him regularly to make speaking appearances at their SEO and digital marketing keynotes. For example, he recently gave a talk at the Small Biz Seminar which was organized by the Chicago Department of Business Affairs; and also the TechThursdays “Growing your Business” annual event.
(See the list below for more examples of his past work)

Digital Marketing Expert Witness Digital Marketing Speakers

Venues Thomas has spoken at in the past:

  1. Greater O’Hare Chamber
  2. Schaumburg Business Association
  3. Stockyards Business Association Fort Worth
  4. Northwest Tarrant County Chamber
  5. TechThursdays Annual Event
  6. Bolingbrook Chamber
  7. SCORE Chapters
  8. Black Women’s Expo
  9. Several Webinars
  10. Several Rotary Clubs
  11. Park Ridge Business Association etc.
Website Expert Witness Digital Marketing Speakers

Topics Thomas has given talks about:

Thomas has developed a variety of carefully chosen courses and seminars that he has delivered in his talks throughout the years. They have proven to be very popular among attendees due to the invaluable information they hold, as well as Mr. Thomas’s personality and astonishing speaking skills. 

He has made sure that each of the courses is designed to cover all the essential aspects of the topic he’s speaking about. That way, attendees at the Keynote will get to learn everything they need to know as beginners. On top of that, they’ll discover ideas and tools they wouldn’t have known about unless a professional told them.

Courses Thomas talks about in his talks:

1 – Reputation Management and Online Reviews – 5 Tips to double your online reviews and build a stellar online reputation for Your Brand or Local Business

2 – TAKING YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE –  Build and Improve Your Online Presence 

3 – SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING – Proven Social Media Strategies to Drive People to Your Business 

4 – DRAWING WEB TRAFFIC- Increase Your Audience, Grow Your Business

5 – SUCCESSFUL WEBSITE DESIGN – What Every Business Owner Needs to Know


What the attendees said:

“He engaged the audience and was charming.” 

“Thomas really Wowed me with his understand of Digital Marketing and How he broke it down into do-able steps for me.”

“The speaker was not just good, he was very good and informative and kept our attention the whole time he spoke.”

Thank you for coming (to speak) to our seminar, the topic was very valuable and needed.” 

“Thomas is incredibly knowledgeable, and more importantly, able to share that knowledge in a way that makes sense to a non-technical person with kindness and patience. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Want to book Thomas B. Varghese to speak at your Digital Marketing Keynote? Call us at 1-800-379-2829 or contact us here.


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